Is Bitdefender Good?

Bitdefender is a popular antivirus program that offers multiple features at multiple price points. The question is, why should we use it? Let's find out!

Bitdefender Products

First of all, let's look at what Bitdefender has to offer in terms of pricing and features. As I mentioned above, there are multiple options to choose from, including:-

Bitdefender Free

The free version offers a basic level of protection. It only acts as a normal antivirus program and with additional browsing protection.

It's not a bad option for those who think that they are able to protect themselves without an advanced antivirus program.

It's free, lightweight, and it should be able to keep you safe from at least the most "basic" internet threats.

Antivirus Plus

Antivirus Plus takes one step further by adding multi-layer ransomware protection, banking protection, a password manager, and 24/7 technical support.

This is a good choice for those who look want an average antivirus protection without spending too much for it.

It protects you from the most common online threats and also offers technical support, which can be a lifesaver when you run into a problem you can't solve on your own.

Internet Security

Internet Security is not just about security, but about privacy as well! Besides the features of Antivirus Plus, Internet Security offers a VPN, a file shredder, webcam protection, a firewall, a parental advisor, and file encryption.

It's a good choice for those who need both security and privacy for their online lives. The VPN and the webcam protection features are especially important!

Total Security

This is the complete package that Bitdefender offers. It has all the features of Internet Security, plus an anti-theft system and a one-click system optimizer.

It also offers protection for your mobile devices or Mac computer. Total Security is a good option for those who want to get the ultimate level of protection that an antivirus program can offer.

Family Pack

Family Pack is essentially the same as Total Security with the only difference being that you can install it on an unlimited number of devices. It's a good choice for those who need to protect more than 5 machines.

For a more detailed comparison of these products, you can read: Bitdefender Free VS AP/IS/TS 

​Lab Tests

All of the Bitdefender features sound great but the effectiveness of the program cannot be proven simply by promises.

This is where AV-Test comes in. They are a small organization dedicated to testing antivirus programs.

Is Bitdefender Product Good?

As you can in the image above, Bitdefender received nearly a perfect score. It was also named as the best antivirus software for home users not once or twice- but six times in a row.

That's how on the program rates for Windows 10. The situation is a tiny bit different when using it for Windows 7.

Is Bitdefender Good?

As you can see, when it comes to usability,  the latest version of Bitdefender loses a few points on Windows 7.

However, it still managed to win the title of best antivirus program three times in a row. In two of these cases, it received a perfect score.

At this point, we can safely conclude that Bitdefender is a good choice, right? Not so fast. Official tests are reassuring, but real-world experience is what really matters in the end!

Bitdefender User Experiences

When searching online, I found mixed opinions and thoughts on Bitdefender. Most of the people who weren't pleased with it were mostly experiencing performance problems.

Are Bitdefender Products Good?

I found this on a forum and it seems there are multiple people who are experiencing the same problem as the person in the screenshot above.

Is Bitdefender Good?

There is a 1-year difference between these posts. You would think that this problem would have been fixed, but it hadn't been. So, I really wouldn't be surprised if you were to experience this problem as well.

It seems as if there are a few compatibility issues as well.

Is Bitdefender Good?

In this case, Bitdefender refuses to work with Nvidia Share and Shadowplay. That can be a bit of an issue if you're a gamer and you want to record your gameplay.

While there is a lot of bad mouthing, there are also a lot of people who seem to support this antivirus program.

Is Bitdefender Good?

This blogger gave it an almost perfect score.

Is Bitdefender Good?

This person did give it a perfect score.

Is Bitdefender Good?

Mythos_Man also seems to be pleased with it.


So, is Bitdefender any good? When it works, it's absolutely one of the best antivirus programs that you can choose.

The problem is that there are cases where it might slow down your computer quite a bit, and nobody wants that.

I would personally give it a 4/5. It would get a perfect score if it didn't cause performance and compatibility issues every now and then.

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