“Everything You Need to Keep Your Windows 10 PC Safe and Secure” - (Without All the “Geek Speak”)

Windows 10 Security

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, detailed guide to securing Windows 10 – you’ve found it!

The "Introduction to Windows 10 Security" eBook

Introduction to Windows 10 Security
  • Whether you’re a casual PC user who has just upgraded to the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system
  • Or you're a techie who's moved to Windows 10 and wants to understand the latest and greatest security features in this Operating System
  • Or you’re an IT specialist upgrading your entire department or office to Windows 10, and need a secure solution for an enterprise system
  • Or you’re simply interested in learning the latest in Windows 10 security features

This is the only Windows 10 security guide you will ever need!

Written for everyday consumers, with a focus on learning the full breadth of security features available in this new operating system, Introduction to Windows 10 Security is a must-have for any computer professional.

This 87-page downloadable guide with full-color screenshots walks you through how to keep Windows 10 secure, including:

  • User Account Management – Learn how to control who can access what on your computer – right down to individual programs.
  • Windows Hello – this innovative new biometric scanning feature is changing the way people access their files. Here’s what you need to know about it.
  • Azure Rights Management – Keep your data safe “in the cloud” by learning how to control access to Microsoft Azure – the company’s cloud-based storage solution.
  • Enterprise Security Options – Windows 10 isn’t just an operating system – it’s the basis for a full-fledged ecosystem that works across devices – including mobile phones, tablets and more. Discover what your options are with regard to enterprise security features and how to set them up.
  • The Internet of Things – Imagine an internet that doesn’t just exist on your PC or phone – but on your thermostat, your refrigerator, your car and more. This is the Internet of Things, an exciting new development that’s coming to nearly any device you can think of. Are you prepared and protected? If not, you’ll want to pay close attention to this guide.
  • Active Directory and Windows Server – Server-side security is just as important (if not more-so) than simply protecting your PC or network. Learn how Windows 10 interfaces with Active Directory and Windows Server – and how to stay protected.

And That’s All in Just the First Few Pages!

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Whether you’re using this new operating system on one computer or 1,000, you’ll want to stay informed on crucial security topics that affect your professional life today and well into the future.

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Whether you’re an avid Windows 10 user or you’re just getting started, this is one how-to guide you won’t want to be without!