Intel, AMD Going All In With Windows 10 Tablets

Tablets still are an unconquered domain for Microsoft, and the plan is for Windows 10 tablets to take things to another level in terms of both performance and pricing.

Intel and AMD, the two chip giants, are two central figures for this plan to succeed.

Both companies continue to push their tablet oriented solutions, even as the tablet market is showing signs of fatigue — at least in terms of growth. Large screen smartphones and phablets have started to impact tablet sales.

For example, 7-inch tablets used to dominate with well over a 70% market share not too long ago, and this has now fallen to around the 60% mark, primarily thanks to handsets with larger screens.

According to this report, though both Intel and AMD are ready to unleash their new tablet platforms.

Intel is set to release Cherry Trail, early in the first quarter of 2015, with volume production on track to begin in March. This new processor platform is based on a 14nm process, and will be available for both Windows and Android tablets.

Expect a plethora of such solutions from brand vendors and Chinese white label companies by the time Windows 10 makes its public debut.

AMD is not out of the game, either. If anything, it’s just getting in.

The company has its Nolan and Armur platforms in the pipeline. The former utilizes an x86 architecture, while the other is a heterogeneous system architecture (HAS) specifically for Android and Linux slates.

With several new third-party hardware manufacturers on board, Windows 8.1 tablets are just now starting to make their impact. Windows 10 promises a similar response, provided Microsoft keeps up its current pricing strategy for tablets.

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