How to Install Windows 10X?

Windows 10X is a new operating system specially designed for light devices. It is a compact version of Windows 10, which will only be available on new devices. Microsoft has designed it to compete with Chrome OS, which is pretty good for light devices such as notebooks and tablets.

Windows 10X is not officially released yet. However, an early version recently got leaked on a site. If you want to try your hands on it, you can install it on your Windows 10 PC using Hyper-V. To do that follow the instructions in the article.

How to Install Windows 10X on Windows 10?

Step 1- Download Windows 10X

The leaked version of Windows 10X is a virtual hard drive for Hyper-V. So if you want to try it, you have to download it first. Visit the link and download it. The size of the download is 2.15GB.

Download Windows 10X

Once the file is downloaded, extract it using WinZip or WinRAR.

Extract Windows 10X

All this process is going to take a lot of time. If you just want to see Windows 10X, we have a Windows 10X preview video showing its features. You can check it out here.

Step 2- Install Hyper-V

Now you have to install Hyper-V. Press Windows plus R button to open the run dialog. Type OptionalFeatures.exe and press enter.

Install Hyper-V 1

You will see the Turn Windows Features on or off dialog. Check the box of Hyper-V and click Ok.

Install Hyper-V 2

It will take some time to complete the process.

Step 3- Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine

Click on the Start menu search bar and type Hyper-V Manager. Then open it.

Install Windows 10X on Windows 10

Now you have to create a virtual machine. Click on New and choose Virtual Machine.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 1

Click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 2

Specify the name of the virtual machine and click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 3

Now select Generation 2 and click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 4

Assign the memory for the machine. I suggest you use at least 3GB of memory so that Windows 10X works smoothly. Click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 5

Now select Default Switch so that Windows 10X could access the internet, which is necessary for its activation. Click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 6

Now here, choose the option of Use an existing virtual hard disk, then click on Browse. 

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 7

Select the hard drive that you extracted from the downloaded file. Its name should be Flash and click Next.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 8

Now Finish the process.

Create Windows 10X Virtual Machine 9

Step 4- Windows 10X First Boot

Right-click on the virtual machine and click Connect.

Boot Windows 10X 1

Here, click on Start.

Boot Windows 10X 2

The Windows 10X will start booting. For the first time run, it will take around 20-30 minutes to boot. You will see the black screen.

Boot Windows 10X 3

Right now, it is not working on the AMD GPU. If you have it, you have to disable the AMD GPU from the device manager. Only then it will work.

I face a lot of hurdles in starting it. It keeps displaying the black screen for more than 30 minutes. If you face the same problem, wait for 30 minutes, then click on the Action menu and choose Turn off.

Boot Windows 10X 4

Now start the virtual machine again. It should boot quickly this time.

Step 5- Set up Windows 10X

You will see an interesting animation with Windows 10X logo.

Set up Windows 10X 1

Now choose the region and click Yes.

Set up Windows 10X 2

Choose your Keyboard layout. Then click Yes.

Set up Windows 10X 3

You can Skip here.

Set up Windows 10X 4

Accept the Microsoft License Agreement.

Set up Windows 10X 5

Now select Set up for personal use and click Next.

Set up Windows 10X 6

Then enter your Microsoft Account Details. You won’t be able to access it without a Microsoft account.

Set up Windows 10X 7

Now create a PIN.

Set up Windows 10X 8

For some reason, PIN creation is not working for me. So I skipped it.

Set up Windows 10X 9

Click Next here.

Set up Windows 10X 10

Read and choose your Privacy settings, then click Accept.

Set up Windows 10X 11

That’s it. Windows 10X is ready for you to play.

Set up Windows 10X 12

If you want to close it, turning it off from the action menu could break the OS. So it is better to use the Save option.

Checkout Windows 10X full features and changes.

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