How to Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles on Windows 10

If you love the appearance of the customized Windows 10 platform, you should know that many possibilities are available.

Theme, desktop appearance, wallpapers, mouse pointers, visual style are all customizable in your own way. Windows supports many themes or visual styles. Like any other operating system, Windows 10 loads the default theme assigned by Microsoft.

When it comes to customization, most people prefer the darker themed versions that are supposed to reduce eyestrain and power consumption.

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This article will take you through how to install custom themes and visual styles on Windows 10. Custom themes installations will modify Windows appearances such as window title, buttons, bars, and other elements on the screen. The processes described below follow all necessary precautions.

Customized themes can be downloaded from selected sites. Microsoft has a collection of themes that you can download directly from their website, or you can experiment with other versions from third-party sites with independent theme designers. To install themes not signed by Microsoft, we need to tweak the installation to make this possible.

Installing Microsoft Themes

Installing Microsoft theme is a straightforward process if you follow the instructions below

  1. Download the theme of choice from the Microsoft website
  2. Once the download is complete, double-click on the theme file to add it to your current theme directory (for this exercise I am using the ForzaMotorsport 4 theme)Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles
  3. You can apply the theme directly or via the personalization menu by right-clicking an empty area of the desktop and select the popup menu “Personalize”
  4. From here, you can choose a new theme from the left pane or finalize adjustments to the active theme. Modifications include things like changing background colors, font style, and colors.

That is how simple it is to install Microsoft supported themes.

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Installing non-Microsoft Themes

If you want to savor a better and tasteful experience using third-party themes, you need to patch your system to allow for this kind of installations. To do so, follow the following steps below:

  1. Backup your images and create a restore point
  2. Download and install a third party them from a site like UltraUXThemePatcherDuring installation, you will realize that the UltraUXThemePatcher modifies the system so that it can accept the third party themes. The theme installer back creates a restore point enabling you to roll back changes through uninstalling.Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles
  3. You can look for themes found within the new platform (I am using Ades theme for illustration)
  4. Copy the theme files into the folder
  5. You can confirm the build of your windows theme by pressing Win+R. Type winver in the dialog box and press Enter.
  6. This opens a window with a wide selection of themes. Click on the theme you want to apply on the personalization menu on the control panel.Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles
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As simple as that you have been able to change the theme and visual styles of your Windows 10 installation. However, you have to be on the lookout for the non-official ones because they can mess up your PC.

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