Top 10 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

Many laptop models last a long time on battery power. But they tend to decrease in time if you don’t maintain them properly. Any device degrades in time. You just have to know how to take care of them.

So, if your laptop isn’t one of them, then you have a slight problem. Some laptops don’t even have a removable battery so that option goes to gutter real quick.

There’s no definite thing regarding coming up short on juice when you’re attempting to complete stuff, and not being able to get ahold of your adapter or power.

On the off chance that you take a shot at the go by any means, here are some simple tips to increase the life of your laptop’s battery. Just before nothing else works and you have nothing but to get rid of the cell.

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10 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Laptop Video

1. Change your Built In Power Saving Options

First, you have to know about your laptop’s power management systems. If you are using Windows, it will be in Power Options. You can go there just by searching for it from the start menu.

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life 1

But if you are using macOS then it’s in the System Preferences under Energy Saver. If you think that the defaults are set to use minimum power, then you’re wrong. You can easily tweak them and establish a more balanced setting to save up the battery life.

macOS Energy Saver Settings

2. Laptop Manufacturer Battery Maintenance Tools

This tool mainly depends on the manufacturers of your laptop. They may include battery maintenance tools for your laptop’s battery.

Sometimes they also recommend other suggestions according to the laptop’s battery to extend the life. They even have utilities depending on the Windows versions. So, you straight up use them to keep an eye on the condition of your battery.

These will even tell you how much you should let your battery drain and how much time you should keep it plugged in. These tend to decrease the life if not maintained properly.

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3. Take a Battery Monitor for Deeper Insights

You could always use some other utilities to check up on your battery life. They would work on any laptop even if they are not the manufacturers.

macOS users can try Battery Health, BatteryDiag and Windows users can check out BatteryCare, BatteryBar. These tools won’t replace any battery functions of your laptop. But will allow you to maintain them precisely.

BatteryCare - Maintenance Tools

4. Keep the Brightness Down

Too much brightness can drain the battery pretty quick. So, if you’re short on power then just cut off the excess power drain-source: the screen. You won’t believe how much the screen can drain.

But don’t overdo it. Set a lower level that won’t affect your eyes too much. But this is an excellent method to stop your eyes from being a strain also!

You can even disable the adaptive brightness and control the system by yourself. But don’t think that it will give you an extra hour or something. It will stop the drainage by a bit but won’t solve the overall problem.

Reduce Brightness - Tips to Increase battery life

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5. Keep it Cool

Heat is the enemy here my friend. It won’t just kill the short term life, but it will shorten the long-lasting health also. So, don’t ever let your laptop heat up to this extent that it needed a thermal shutdown.

If you continuously have thermal shutdowns, then you should look into your laptop’s health. This situation will shorten the life of your battery pretty quick. So, keep your laptop as cool as possible. Or at least avoid any restriction of the airflow.

Use a hard surface or a laptop cooler instead. Be innovative. I know you’ll come up with ideas to keep the vents open. You’ll see battery will surely show gratitude over time.

6. Avoid Full Discharges

This option is a crucial one. Most of the people forget about it or don’t even know it yet. Many batteries have a finite number charge cycles and would degrade over time if you regularly charge and discharge the laptop.

People fully discharge their batteries a lot, and the lifespan shortens kind of fast. A few times can be acceptable but on a daily basis fully emptying your laptop is way too much. Fully discharging will stop the batteries from charging in the long run.

So, avoid it at all cost.

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7. Kill Power Hungry Apps and Processes

This method is another excellent way to save up your battery life. There are so many power-hungry apps and processed in Windows. Thus, stopping them or disabling the apps that you don’t need will enhance battery life.

Some apps run in the background draining the life out of your batteries. So, just go to Task Manager and disable them from there. Though it’s an old trick, it will most certainly work.

But it would most certainly be annoying to find out that from the last one hour you have run a torrent app or Skype that you forgot to close. It’s been draining all the battery life.

Disable Unnecessary Apps

8. Kill Power Hungry Hardware

If you are on the go and small battery hour left try disabling the Power draining hardware too. It helps to turn off any unnecessary hardware or features as well.

So, it would be a great time to disable the Wi-Fi you’re not using or Bluetooth for that matter. But don’t overdo it! Disabling all little hardware’s won’t give you a 100% battery life back.

9. Use Hibernate more, not just Sleep

It feels perfect to keep your laptop running even when you are not using it using Sleep mode. But if you are short on battery life you better keep it in Hibernate mode instead. The difference between these two are one doesn’t consume power at all, and others follow draining your battery.

It won’t affect much if it’s for a short time. But if you’re out for a long time then you better keep it on the Hibernate mode instead of sleep. It will save up some juice.

Step-1: For Windows 10, in the search box on the taskbar, type power options, and then select Power Options.

Open Power Options

Step-2: Select Choose what the power button does, and then select Change settings that are currently unavailable. Under Shutdown settings, select the Hibernate checkbox (if it’s available), and then select Save changes.

Enable Hibernate

10. Shutdown Tabs, or Try a Different Browser

Web browsers can take up a lot of power. And if you have a billion tabs open at the same it will speed up the process. So, manage them accordingly and try to use a different browser that consumes less power.

This setting can seriously save a lot of battery life indeed. You can try out Edge for once (if you don’t already) or Opera. These are not as good as Chrome or Firefox, but they will take less power than before.

Increase Laptop Battery Life 10

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So, try switching to them when you have little battery life left.

Apart from these tips, you should not keep your battery unused for more than 50 days. It tends to shorten the lifespan. Or use any battery life increasing software. They would seem incredible but would cause more damage than ever.

So, try out the tips and keep your battery healthy and happy with a longer life!

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