How To Boot Windows 10 Into Safe Mode

What can you do if you install a wrong driver and Windows refuses to boot? Or if you get infected with a virus that disables your Antivirus? Safe mode is answer.

But, how can you boot in it with Windows 10? Pressing the F8 key while booting will no longer work like it used to with Windows 7. Let’s take a look at it.

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What Is Safe Mode?

It’s a mode that keeps your PC safe, end of story. Just kidding.

Actually, it does not differ so much from the original mode of Windows 10.

What it basically does, is that only loads any application and drivers that are absolutely necessary for the OS to work. Third party applications and drivers that you have installed will not load by default.

How is it Useful?

It makes for a great tool to correct any mistakes that you might have made. If you installed a wrong driver that messed up the OS, it won’t load there.

If you got infected with a virus that disables your Antivirus on boot, it won’t happen there. (Most likely)

Safe Mode Types

There are 3 types of safe mode that you can boot into:

  1. Safe mode without networking – Only loads the basic drivers.
  2. With networking – Loads the basic drivers plus those that are required to access the internet.
  3. With command prompt – Loads the command prompt without the Windows 10 GUI. (Graphical User Interface).


Many people misunderstand the term “safe” and believe that by using safe mode they are safer from viruses. That’s not the case.

It’s the exact opposite, many features are not enabled which makes Windows more vulnerable than its normal working state. So don’t reboot into it while expecting to be safe from malware.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode

How to boot into safe mode windows 10

Open the start menu and click on the power button. While holding down the shift button on your keyboard, click on Restart. Keep on holding the shift button until a menu comes up.

How to boot windows 10 into safe mode

When that menu appears, click on Troubleshoot, then on Advanced options, Startup settings.

Then all you have to do is to restart your PC and you can select to restart into the safe mode type of your choice with the F4-F6 keys.

The next boot will bring your PC into its normal working state again.

17 thoughts on “How To Boot Windows 10 Into Safe Mode”

  1. you have a typo, “SAKE” mode
    When computer restarts press following keys for the options:
    Enter – Normal Mode
    4 or F4 – Safe Mode
    5 of F5 – >>>>>>>>>>Sake <<<<<<Mode with Networking
    6 or F6 – Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    Safe mode using System Configuration

  2. I use safe Mode All the time when my computer overheats and does not act properly. I go into settings for awhile and then restart. It Works! If it says *Shutting Down* For no reason, and does not load, Do what I do.

  3. It is shameful that whoever the head of computers decided to change the working inside of the system have now made it very easy for the few people that do know the inter workings of a computer can easily take advantage of the many, many that does not understand and know how to maneuver through the new system. All the instructions are not understandable by the majority of computer users. Simply because the humans that made the decision to change things into an unknow system set up must have not been thinking clearly. There are very few things that are from the old system and the new system is non-understandable by the majority of users, work and casual users, because they are millions of miles away from what most people are learned in, working on computers since they were invented for the normal public. Basically, since windows 97, 98 when the inventions of Icons first came on the computer starting page. Everything now is totally opposite of what normal people used to learn on the computer in the beginning.
    The computer is now a total disaster to and for the normal everyday humans that work and the ones that use them for daily use even games. It is so disappointing that anyone would choose that drastic of a change in the modern world. We are now open, free for all to take at their desire from any one and very few know how to maneuver through and around the new set up of the computer system. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs was genius to invent something with training was useful for the whole world. Now only the “computer learned” have that advantage. Plus, the majority of instructions are mostly wrong and don’t depend on the spell checker it’s mostly disastrous also.


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