Ultimate Guide to God Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 is known to be a flexible and fairly customizable operating system. While the Windows Settings panel allows easy access to many of possible adjustments, it much more difficult to access administrative tools that will allow you to fine-tune your machine.

Typically, you can launch administrative tools through the Run function by hitting the Windows key + R on your keyboard. However, you will have to know the name of the tools that you need. Not to mention, it is intimidating for those who are not used to it. You can also search in the Start menu. However, as with the Run function, you will need to know what you are looking for.

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Enter Windows 10 God Mode.

What is God Mode in Windows 10?

God Mode in Windows 10 is a special folder that will allow you to browse all 206 tools hiding in the operating system. It exposes Windows’ administrative, settings, and Control Panel tools in one place.

One thing to note, God Mode does not magically unlock any extra features on your operating system. It just makes all tools, which are otherwise difficult to access, accessible in a single folder.

However, before you enable God Mode, ensure that you know how to use the tools. Or at least create a restore point before changing anything in your computer.

Enable God Mode in Windows 10

Enabling God Mode is easy. First, ensure that you have administrative privilege on your Windows account. Go to your desktop and create a new folder by right-clicking any blank area. Choose New, then Folder.

new folder

Once the new folder appears, rename it using the following;


You can replace “GodMode” with any folder name, but you will need to type characters before the period for the operating system to accept the name.

rename folder

The folder should change the icon image. Double-click the icon. You will see all the settings available organized into groups.

god mode folder

Notable Features and Services in God Mode

You can explore the various settings and administrative tools in God Mode. However, we have listed some notable ones that you should use.

Drive Health and Functions

Defragment and optimize your drives will allow you to analyze your disk drives’ health. Defragmentation affects the speed of your operating system, especially if you have a lot of files in it. Choose any of the hard drives in the list, then click Analyze.

optimize drives

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If disk drives, especially the primary partition which is usually C:\ drive, are more than 10% fragmented, you should consider defragging it. Choose the said drive, then click Optimize.


File Explorer Options

Another set of handy tool is under File Explorer Options. These are useful settings especially File Explorer is the most common system application that you interact with.

file explorer options

Launching any of the tools will launch the File Explorer Options panel. Under General tab, you can adjust the default behavior and actions in the File Explorer such as the default view when first launched, choosing between single-click or double-click, or managing the privacy of File Explorer.

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file explorer options - general

Under the View tab, you have various options to adjust what and how you see items in File Explorer. For example, you can choose to always show hidden files and folders. You can also adjust how File Explorer displays information such as file size and file path in the title bar.

files explorer options - view

On the Search tab, you can adjust how the File Explorer searches for files and folders. You can customize search settings here, especially when you want to speed up your computer (Hint: uncheck all the options here if you need faster search results).

file explorer options - search

Power Options

Power options are essential, especially if you are using a laptop or any mobile device. Under this category, you can tweak several power options to allow your battery to last longer.

power options

Under Change battery settings, you can choose various battery plans from High Performance, which is suitable if you will be plugged-in to a power source, to Power Save, which is perfect if you are going mobile.

choose of customize a power plan

Clicking on Change what the power buttons do will allow you to adjust the actions of your device when you push the power button. You can also change its behavior when you close the lid of your laptop. Moreover, you can also adjust what power options to show in the Power menu.

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define power buttons

In Edit power plan, you can further adjust the power plan that you choose. It will save more energy, especially when you are always on-the-go.

change power plan settings

Program and Features

Program and Features will allow you to remove, update, or modify various applications and programs in your computer.

programs and features

Click Add or remove programs, Change or remove a program, and Uninstall a program to open Programs and Features where you can change or uninstall programs.

programs and features

Under Turn Windows features on or off, you can enable or disable various native Windows 10 functions which can improve your machine’s speed.

turn Windows features on or off

Moreover, if you want to remove any Windows 10 updates, you can do so by clicking View installed updates. Of course, you should keep the security updates. But, you can explore and remove updates for other applications as well such as Adobe Flash Player.

installed updates

Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows

If you using an old machine or experiencing any decrease in performance, you can improve it by adjusting various behavior of the operating system.

adjust the appearance and performance of Windows

In Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows under Visual Effects, you can modify various appearance and performance options. You can Adjust for best appearance or Adjust for best performance. Moreover, you can fine-tune other options from animation to drop shadows to save computing power.

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performance options

Create a Restore Point

Creating a restore point is essential when you are making any major changes to your computer. Restore points allow you to recover a state of your machine when the restore point was created. Under System, look for Create a restore point.

create a restore point

In System Properties panel, under System Protection you will find various functions for System Restore. Click Create if you want to create a restore point. If you want to restore, click System Restore.

system properties

Final Thoughts

There are more administrative tools that you can explore in God Mode such as Troubleshoot, Windows Defender Firewall, Create and format hard disk partitions, and more. As already mentioned above, take precautions by creating a restore point before making any changes in your computer.

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