How To Get A Bigger Start Menu In Windows 10

The Start menu that Microsoft has included in Windows 10 offers the best of both worlds from previous versions of the operating system, namely Windows 7 and 8.

And the best thing is that the default design of the Start menu in the new OS is not set in stone.

If you have a device with a high-resolution screen or just want a bigger Start menu, you can squeeze in more Live Tiles into it easily by adjusting a toggle.

To do so, go to the Start pane of the Taskbar screen in Settings, which you can bring up by either typing the words Settings in the Start menu to search for it, or right-clicking the Taskbar and selecting the option from the menu that pops up.

Once the screen above is visible, simply switch on the Show more tiles option, and the Start menu will enlarge just a bit to accommodate more tiles that you can access as you need.

It will not be a massive increase, but just enough to fit in a column or so of more tiles.

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