How to Add Gadgets Back to Windows 10

Windows 7 had quite a collection of cool gadgets. You could even play mini-games. But the bad news is for you people who have upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft got rid of this feature entirely. It isn’t even available in Windows 8.1.

There isn’t any way to bring them back from Windows 10, but you can get them back. You just have to install some third-party tools to get them back. I give you 8Gadgetpack and Windows Desktop Gadgets; two cool tools you can try out.

But before going to them let me tell you why Microsoft got rid of them. It’s better than you know it first.

Windows 10 doesn’t have this feature solely because they are of significant security risk.

They have two big problems; one is that the gadgets contain a security vulnerability that could help hackers to hack into your PC. They are easy to exploit and can leak many security information through them.

They can even get your sign-in info as you’ll be signed in Microsoft. So, this might not be a good option.

Another reason is that the hacker can easily manipulate you into tricking you to install a malicious gadget. It could run its codes on your PC and get the full control of your system. Well, I don’t think anybody wants that.

In simple words, gadgets are not just some random feature of Windows. They are a program that you need to install in your system to work. But most of you may not know about this and cause security risks.

But if you miss those gadgets then you can try out these two tools 8Gadgetpack and Windows Desktop Gadgets. These are pretty safe to use, and many people use these.

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2 Solutions to Bring back Gadgets

Method 1: Windows Desktop Gadgets

It’s a free tool for bringing back the cool gadgets on your Windows 10. It has the same gadgets as Windows 7 had but with a few upgradations. You will also find some other new cool gadgets to try out.

Gadgets in Windows 10

What you have to do is to follow the instructions below to get it on your PC without a fuss.

Step-1: Firstly, just go to the link above and download the installer for free. The installation process is quite easy. Just follow the wizard, and you should be ok. It will take only a minute to install.

Install Gadgets in Windows 10

Step-2: After the installation, you have to the right click on the desktop to access the gadgets. Or you can try out another way. You just simply go to Control Panel and then go to Appearance and Personalization.

Add Gadgets Back to Windows 10

Step-3: Once you’re in that, you’ll see that you can access the gadgets from here too!

Add Gadgets Back to Windows 10-2

If you want to add more gadgets, then click on the “Get more gadgets online.” It is available in the gadgets window. Or you can also go to their page and download yourself.

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Method 2: 8GadgetPack

This one is another free and safe tool you can download for your Windows 10. Though it was originally for Windows 8, it works well on Windows 10 too! This one is my personal favorite.

So, I would recommend you to try it out.

Just follow the instructions below to get the 8GadgetPack on your PC.

Step-1: Firstly, download the installation file from the link above. The installation is easy for this one too. Just follow the wizards, and it takes a minute or two.

8GadgetPack Installation

Step-2: You can access it now from the desktop menu or even the Control Panel as before. It comes with more than fifty gadgets! And that’s why I liked this one the most.

Access 8Gadgets from Desktop

In 8GadgetPack you will find configuration settings that will allow you to disable the auto running process, change the size of gadgets, reset the gadget settings, and much more.

It will also allow you to add custom gadget files of .gadget extensions. Cool, right? But be a little careful adding custom one as they can contain viruses.

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Even if you wait for Microsoft to bring back the feature, it’s highly unlikely that they will do so. So, you can try out these two instead. They are extremely safe to download and will work fine on Windows 10.

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