Futuremark Will Also Discontinue Peacekeeper On July 29

One follows the other, I guess. Futuremark, along with confirming that 3DMark for Windows RT will be discontinued, have also pulled the rug off of Peacekeeper, another popular benchmarking solution.

Read up on the fate of 3DMark for Windows RT here.

But Peacekeeper is their browser benchmark for measuring JavaScript performance.

And the company now recommends all Windows users to switch to PCMark 8, as Peacekeeper will no longer be available come July 29 — the day when Windows 10 officially makes its worldwide debut. As Futuremark notes:

“For future testing of Windows PCs, we recommend PCMark 8. And for Android smartphones and tablets, we recommend PCMark for Android. Both benchmarks include tests for measuring web browsing performance based on real-world activities instead of the narrow, synthetic workloads found in JavaScript benchmarks.”

So that’s two big benchmarking solutions that are being retired, one after the other.

Then again, some streamlining was on the cards, as Microsoft too, seems to be reforming and reorganizing its operating systems portfolio.

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