How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

Bluetooth lets you connect multiple devices with your Windows 10 PC. You can connect your smartphone to send files, use headsets to listen to music, or can print documents using the Bluetooth printer.

What will happen if the Bluetooth is not working on your Windows 10 PC? Don’t worry. In this article, I have compiled seven fixes for Bluetooth problems. But first, let’s discuss why the Bluetooth stops working.

Why Does Your Bluetooth Stop Working?

There are various causes for Bluetooth problems on Windows 10 PC. It might stop working due to a recent update or due to conflict in radio waves. Other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices might interfere with your Bluetooth adapter, and it might stop working. Also, sometimes due to wrong settings or some software, the Bluetooth service gets disabled. Other common reasons for Bluetooth problems are a faulty adapter, problems in another device, or simply the Bluetooth is turned off.

Let’s check the solutions for Bluetooth problems on Windows 10.

1. Try Some Basic Fixes

Before going into some complicated fixes and solutions, try these basic fixes. Most of the time, these solutions fix the Bluetooth on your Windows 10 PC.

Check if Bluetooth is on

Most of the time, we turn on the Bluetooth on the device that we want to connect but forgot to enable it on the PC. So make sure if it is enabled. Click on the Action Center button located on the lower right side of the screen.

Click Action Center

Now check the Bluetooth icon. If it is grayed out, then it means the Bluetooth is disabled. Click on it to Enable it.

Enable Bluetooth

Disable the Airplane Mode

If you had enabled the Airplane Mode, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi get automatically disabled. To disable it, click on the Network Icon on the Taskbar.

Click on Network Icon

Now make sure Airplane Mode is grayed out. If it is not, then click on it to disable the Airplane mode.

Disable Airplane Mode

Restart the Bluetooth Radio

Sometimes due to other radio waves, like Wi-Fi and other Bluetooth devices waves interference, your PC’s Bluetooth stops working. Restarting it could solve the problem. So click on the Action Center icon.

Click Action Center

Then click on the Bluetooth icon to disable it, then click on it again to enable it.

Enable Bluetooth

Check if the Device is Discoverable

The smartphones and other devices Bluetooth turn off the discoverable after some time due to security. Your PC won’t find it unless you turn on the discoverable.

The low battery level on the other device could also stop it from connecting. So make sure if the device has a proper battery level, if it is not, plug it in.

Restart the Windows 10

Restarting the Windows 10 PC solves several issues, including the Bluetooth. So, when nothing is working, try restarting your PC. It could solve your problem.

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2. Update Bluetooth Device Driver

If the basic fixes couldn’t solve your problem, you can try updating the driver. The outdated Bluetooth driver could stop the Bluetooth from working correctly. To update the driver, click on the Start. Then search for Device Manager and click on it.

Open Device Manager

Then expand the Bluetooth.

Expand Bluetooth

Now right-click on your Bluetooth Device and choose Update Driver.

Update Bluetooth Driver 1

If you already have the latest driver on your PC, then click on Browse my computer for drivers. Then locate the driver. If you don’t have, then click on Search automatically for drivers. Then follow the instructions to install the driver.

Update Bluetooth Driver 2

You can look up for compatible Windows 10 drivers accordingly.

3. Reinstall the Bluetooth Device

If updating the Bluetooth driver doesn’t help you, try reinstalling the device. To do that, revisit the Device Manager.

Open Device Manager

Then expand Bluetooth.

Expand Bluetooth

Right-click on your Bluetooth device and click on Uninstall Device.

Uninstall Bluetooth Device 1

Now Windows will confirm if you want to uninstall the device. Click on the Uninstall button to confirm.

Uninstall Bluetooth Device 2

Once the uninstallation is finished, restart your PC. Windows will detect the new hardware and then install its driver. Wait until the installation is completed. If Windows can’t find its driver, then visit the manufacturer website and download the latest driver.

4. Check If Bluetooth Service is Running

Sometimes due to other software or some malware, the Bluetooth service stops running. So you need to check if the Bluetooth service is running. To check it, press Windows plus R button. It will open the Run dialog. Now type services.msc and press enter.

Open Services

Now look for Bluetooth Support Service. Right-click on it and then click on Restart. Wait until the service is restarted and check if the Bluetooth is working fine or not.

Re-start Bluetooth Service

5. Remove Bluetooth Device and then Re-Pair

If the above solutions couldn’t fix the Bluetooth, try re-pairing the Bluetooth device. To do that right-click on Bluetooth icon and click on Open Settings.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 1

If the Bluetooth icon is not visible, then search for Bluetooth on the Start and click on Bluetooth and other devices settings.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 2

Now click on the device that you are connecting and click on Remove device button.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 3

Then confirm your action by clicking on Yes.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 4

Now the device is removed, you can pair it again and see if the device is working. To pair it again, click on the Add Bluetooth or other device.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 5

Then click on Bluetooth.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 6

Now make sure that your device is discoverable. Once the device is found, click on it to pair.

Re-Pair Bluetooth Device 7

6. Run the Troubleshooter

Running the troubleshooter is the next fix for Bluetooth not working. Windows has a dedicated troubleshooter for Bluetooth problems. To run it, right-click on the Start button or press the Windows plus X button. Now click on the Settings.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter 1

Then click on Update & Security.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter 2

Then choose Troubleshoot and click on Additional Troubleshooters.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter 3

Now click on the Bluetooth, which is under Find and fix other problems section. Then click on Run the troubleshooter.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter 4

Now the troubleshooter will analyze everything and report the problem. It will also direct you to fix the issue.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter 5

7. Check for Obstacles and Distance

The Bluetooth supports limited distance coverage. If the device you are connecting is far from your PC, you might not be able to connect it. So make sure that the Bluetooth device is near.

Also, obstacles such as walls and doors hinder the signals of the Bluetooth. So make sure that there are no such obstacles between your PC and the device you are connecting.

Sometimes, other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices interfere with the signal. So turn off all other radio waves devices and then connect your device. Once the device is connected, you can enable them.


If you have tried all the seven fixes for Bluetooth not working on Windows 10 and your problem is still the same, then it means there is some hardware related issue. Try connecting some other Bluetooth devices. If you can connect, then it means there is a problem with the device you were pairing. If you can’t connect any device, that indicates that your Bluetooth adapter on the Windows 10 PC is faulty. Its time to visit the service center.

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