Fix: Volume Icon Missing/ Greyed Out in Windows 10

Few potential problems can hinder the ultimate multimedia experience on WIndows 10 Platform. Accordingly, one of the most common problems in this category is the disappearance of the volume icon in Windows 10.

The volume icon, in the system tray, is a useful orientation that helps us to adjust the system volume. With this we can, put the audio/music level high or low, according to the ambiance.

We might have options to reduce or increase the volume, within the appropriate multimedia or gaming applications. But however, the Windows’ authenticated option (the volume icon) will always be the best and easier way to maneuver the audio level, at any instance.

Thus, missing it can lead to way much difficult situations hindering the entertainment experience.

How to Retrieve the Volume Icon in Windows 10?

To be precise, there might be situations, where volume icon in Windows 10, disappears from their places. There could also be some variations, in the same problem, such as they still appear but are grayed out.

People usually get to the Control Panel, to solve it; but still, have no idea to get rid of it. Everyone, who are stuck with this issue and are looking for a possible procedure to get out of this, here are three methods for it.

Method 1: Explore the Settings Window

  • Firstly, open the Settings window, by clicking on the Start icon, and selecting the Setting Otherwise, use the combination of I and Windows buttons, from the keyboard.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • The Settings window would’ve been opened now and there, click the Personalization menu in it.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • Now, click the Taskbar option in the left pane and click on the Turn system icons on or off option in the right pane.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • Turn On the Volume option, from here.
volume icon in Windows 10

That’s it, the grayed out or disappeared volume icon in Windows 10, would’ve now been enabled again.

Method 2: Explore the Group Policy

In this method, we are going to explore the Local Group Policy Editor to retrieve the volume icon in Windows 10.

  • Accordingly, we’ll have to get into the Local Group Policy Editor. For it, firstly we’ve to enter gpedit.msc in the Run window, opened by the Windows Key + R combination.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • In the window opened consequently, click on the Start Menu and Taskbar. It’d be under the User Configuration option and Administrative Templates in turn, in the left pane.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • Now, check the Not Configured option and select Ok, to save the changes.
volume icon in Windows 10

Now, go back to the desktop, to check whether the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Explore the Registry Editor

The above method, involving the Group Policy might not be available for some users. For those people, this can act as an alternative, which is getting into the Registry Editor.

  • Type regedit, in the Run window, to evoke the Registry Editor.
volume icon in Windows 10
  • Now, go to the following options, in the left pane of the window.


  • Double click on the HideSCAVolume option shown in the right pane. Now, set the value to 0 and click Ok.

volume icon in Windows 10

  • Restart the system and check, if the issue is resolved now.

Thus, these methods to resolve the issues with volume icon in Windows 10, would have been helpful.

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