How to Fix Folder Access Denied Error in Windows 10

Things seem frustrating when you can’t access your PC even if you are the admin. Don’t worry mate; you are not the only bird in the nest! A lot of people have complained about this problem. When you try to open a particular folder, a warning message pops up saying – Access Denied!

In other cases, you might try to change any settings or even might try to rename the folder. Some have complained that they have seen it while upgrading Windows.

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The problem could be with anything – you might not have the admin rights or don’t have the ownership or permissions. Malware can be the culprit too at times. In lots of scenarios, the folders get corrupted by this malware.

There is quite a number of ways to resolve this issue. Unless you are looking deep into the Windows folder, you should get access to these methods.

Method 1 – Taking Ownership of the Directory

The most common case is that you don’t have the full ownership of the file or folder. In this method, we will discuss the solution step by step by taking complete ownership. Previously in the Windows 7, the way was a bit different.

Before we go, make sure you are logged on as the administrator. Only the administrator has the right to make the advanced level changes to any file or folder. Not sure how to get the administrator privilege? It’s quite simple!

First, you should check whether you have the privilege or not. To do so, click the Start button, you could find it in the lower left the corner in your screen and type “account.”

In the list of the results, you could find an option naming – Manage your account.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 1-1

Once you click it, you will see your account and name its type. If you are not the administrator, then log on to the administrator account. You could ask the administrator if you are not the admin.

As you log on from an administrator account, you are now ready to change the ownership.

Step-1: Go to the specific file/folder directory.

Step-2: Right-click the file/folder and select Properties.

Step-3: Find the Security tab, and inside there you could see the Advanced button.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 1-2

Step-4: Once you open the Advanced Security Settings, select the Change button.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 1-3

Step-5: Under Enter the object name to select, you will find a text box. Type in the name of the account. Then select the Check Names button. Just click on the OK button afterwards.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 1-4

Step-6: Now is the final step. Just check the checkbox naming Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object. Now press OK to save it.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 1-5

Try to change the name of the folder or just try to open it if you see the method works or not.

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Method 2 – Add Account to the Administrators Group

There are some cases where you don’t have the permissions as you are not an admin. Sounds quite rough to you? It’s okay. You can take it all back. Just follow these steps.

Step-1: Press Win + X and list menu should appear. From the list, menu select Settings.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 2-1

Step-2: Now select Accounts.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 2-2

Step-3: Then click on Family & other people, scroll down the Other people section and then click on Change account type.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 2-3

Step-4: Now select Administrator in the Account type section and click on OK.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 2-4

Step-5: Restart your PC.

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Method 3 – Enable the Hidden Administrator Account

Windows 10 comes with a built-in Administration account. All you got to do is to enable it. Here’s how:

Step-1: Search CMD in the start menu, then Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Step-2: In the command prompt type net user administrator /active:yes and press enter. By doing so, you will unlock the hidden administrator account.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 3-2

Step-3: Just switch to your newly unlocked account by logging off from the current one.

You could lock the hidden administrator account. In the same way, open the command prompt and type net user administrator /active:no then press enter.

Method 4 – Check your Permissions

Sometimes the problem is way too much simple. I think it is a wise idea to check if you have the admin privilege or not. just follow the steps to check if you have the permission or not.

Step-1: Browse to the directory where the folder or file is.

Step-2: Go to Properties by right clicking file or folder.

Step-3: Locate the Security tab and Edit button in there.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 4-1

Step-4: A Permissions for System should appear. See you have the Full control in the Allow column or not.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 4-2

It is a pretty simple pre-task before you jump for various solutions.

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Method 5 – Use Command Prompt to Reset Permissions

In many forums, I have seen that some people face the problem while accessing any image contained folder. There is a chance that OneDrive from Microsoft might be the culprit. If you think the problem is occurring from OneDrive issue, then follow the steps below.

Step-1: Open the command prompt with the administrator privilege.

Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Step-2: Start entering the following commands one by one.

  • cd /users/Your_Username
  • icacls Pictures /reset /t /q
  • cd /<path to OneDrive folder>
  • icacls Pictures /reset /t /q

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 5-2

Step-3: Restart your PC.

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Method 6 – Set your Account as Administrator

The technique is as simple as the method title. Follow the steps –

Step-1: Open the Run Command by pressing Win + R. Type control userpasswords2 and press Enter to run the command.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 6-1

Step-3: User Accounts window should appear now. Check the option naming Users must enter a username and password to use this computer then select your username and click the Properties button below.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 6-2

Step-4: Go to the Group Membership tab and tick the Administrator. The click Apply and OK.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 6-3

Step-5: Restart your PC now.

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Method 7 – Close Google Drive and Reinstall it

Likewise OneDrive, the problem can be caused by Google Drive.

Step-1: First of all, open the Task Manager

Step-2: After that, from the Processes tab, locate the Google Drive process.

Step-3: Right-click and select End task.

Fix Folder Access Denied Error 7-1

Step-4: Uninstall Google Drive afterward.

Step-5: Restart the PC.

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I think your problem doesn’t exist by now. Access denied message sometimes really plays with mood. Especially when you have some new game to try and all you are getting this annoying warning.

In some cases, the problem even prevents you from installing a new desktop application. So you should clear up the problem from the root altogether.

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