First Surface Pro 5 Details Hint At Minor Changes

Those of you who were expecting a dramatic entry for the Surface Pro 5, would do well to manage your expectations a little. Because it looks like Microsoft is not planning any major changes.

There is still no clear indication on when this new tablet would launch, but we have, what can be termed as, the first reliable details on this device. These come via regular Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, who reveals a couple of hints on the hardware Redmond is lining up.

Most notably that the Surface Pro 5 will house the Kaby Lake processors, the latest 7th generation chips from Intel, and that Microsoft is not planning to replace the proprietary Surface power connector on the new tablet.

The CPU bit is understandable, but it seems like Microsoft is keen to maintain compatibility of its existing Surface Pro 3 and 4 accessories like the Type Cover keyboards and the desktop docking station.

Of course, that does not rule out the fact that the Surface Pro 5 will not feature USB Type-C ports, which it probably will as the technology world has moved to the new standard.

These ports are now the standard on both lower and higher end hardware.

As for Kaby Lake, Microsoft has, over the years, ensured that every new Surface generation has run the most powerful processors available at launch, so going for Kaby Lake simple aligns with this. You can expect the best possible blend of performance and battery life with these newest chips.

One final word on the release date.

Although nothing has been confirmed, Microsoft still has a hardware event lined up for this spring. The company is yet to send invites out, which possibly indicates a May target date.

But the Surface Pro 5 is coming, and it’s coming soon, that’s all there is to know at this time.

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Cooper T. says April 7, 2017

I think Microsoft will reveal the new Surface Pro 5 at their hardware event – I’m pretty sure the device is ready and they are testing it out.

Ken Davis says May 6, 2017

Are you sure that you are not getting mixed up with the recently launched Laptop.

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