How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Running out of storage space, due to a fully loaded hard disk can result in various performance-oriented issues in Windows. Therefore, it’s always a good practice to clean-up unnecessary files from your system, on a regular basis.

On that note, the duplicate files in Windows 10 constitute a prime part, when it comes to unnecessary files. These files will slow down your PC, by occupying considerably massive unnecessary space. Hence, removing them is one of the best ways to free up some space.

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However, it is very difficult to identify identical files manually. This is because of their names. Yes, the names of the matching files are the same as their original ones. This will deliberately get you confused.

To make this job easier, there are so many identical files finder applications available today. These apps identify the entire list the duplicate files, by scanning the hard drive completely. Thus, the process of removing them gets streamlined.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

You can make use of the following duplicate file finder apps to remove them.

1- CCleaner

Nowadays, Windows 10 come out with the CCleaner app pre-installed. Many of us think that it is capable of cleaning only the junk files.

Of course, when it comes to cleaning the junk, the CCleaner is one of the best around. But, it also plays an effective role in removing the identical files. Yes, it scans the hard drive completely and finds out the entire list of duplicate files.

CCleaner Duplicate File Finder

However, make it a point that you check whether your PC already has the CCleaner, before installing it freshly.

– You can identify and remove the matching files in Windows 10; by choosing the Duplicate Finder option from the list of tools, at the app’s left sidebar.

CCleaner Tools List

– Then, you have to select a specific drive or folder and click the search button to start the scanning process.

CCleaner Duplicate File Finder

– That’s it, the application will identify all the identical files and list them. Finally, click the Delete button to remove them from your PC.

CCleaner Delete Duplicate Files
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2- dupeGuru

This application will search your hard drive completely using a filename or the content of the file. It is capable of scanning each and every file at a time; and compares them with all others to find the duplicate ones.

The best part of this application is that it is available in three versions, such as Standard, Music, and Pictures. Let’s have a look at what these three versions have to offer, individually.

The Standard edition is a default one; it scans the files with a filename or content; since, the application is enabled by a fuzzy algorithm, which is capable of detecting the duplicates quickly.

Moreover, it also compares each file to the ones with a similar name or content.


The Music edition works specifically for identifying duplicate music files. It scans the files with the filename and/or the music contents to detect the duplicate ones.

And the Picture Edition (PE), as the name suggests, works specifically for removing duplicate pictures. It scans each image with respect to its file format and size to detect the duplicate file images.

Moreover, it also compares edited image files to identify the duplicate ones.

3- Duplicate Files Finder

When it comes to finding and removing the identical files, this application really does a quick and accurate job. We could barely say that it is one of the oldest duplicate files finding the app.

However, it still stays competent and robust, in its task. Here, the process of searching the identical files is considerably faster than the other apps. It basically, compares and aggregates files based on its size.

It considers that the file size is the prime factor to indicate that two files can be similar. Once aggregated, it compares the other aspects and finds out the duplications. And finally, allows the users to remove the duplicates by deleting it.

Duplicate Files Finder

4- Auslogics Duplicate Files Finder

While putting into comparison with the other applications, the Auslogics duplicate finder is something different.

This tool goes well with novices, as it comprises a wizard-like interface; that holds specific options for finding duplicates in images, video files, audio files and other applications.

Interestingly, it features a built-in preview pane, where the identified identical files in Windows 10 are enlisted. You can check the contents of each file, via this preview pane, to ensure the duplicates before deleting it.

You click on the Delete Selected Files button to delete the files, which are confirmed to be duplicates and selected.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

5- SearchMyFiles

This tool is created by NirSoft, an advanced application in finding the identical files. After installing, select the “Duplicates Search” option in the Search Mode box, which is located at the top of its interface.

This tool is capable of scanning the entire C: drive; and also files that created or modified between specific ranges of date.

You can also select the files, for which you want to find duplicates. This will display all the matching files and you will have to remove the ones of your choice.


The identical files in Windows 10 are the unwanted components that occupy a massive space on your PC. It also slows down the processing speed of your computer.

The aforementioned tools will help you to remove them efficiently, without the risk of deleting the important/original files. Select the tool of your choice, remove the duplicate files, and make your PC work faster.

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