How to Find out what Motherboard Model I have

There could be a lot of reasons for to find out what Motherboard you use. Maybe you want to update drivers or check the compatibility or just entirely something else. Whatever your reasons are if you don’t know how to check the model number, how are you supposed to check it?

Well, you could always open your PC up and take a good look at the number, or you could choose an easier option which is far safer than this one. This method will allow you to check it without any worries of destroying your precious computer. Do want to know how? Let’s see, shall we?

How to Find Motherboard Model No in your PC?

Method 1: Using Command Prompt

First of all, let me tell you the bad news if you use an Original Equipment Manufacturer computer like HP, Lenovo or Dell this method might not work. So for that case you need to contact the company for further instructions.

  • Firstly, you have to open Command Prompt. For that, you just simply go to your Start Menu and type CMD in the search box. Click the first result (Command prompt should be the first result, if not look for it). Remember you can run Command Prompt without administrator access.
  • Once you are in the Command Prompt, you have to type Systeminfo. Then press Enter key, and you will get some detailed information about your PC. There will info’s about when the Windows was installed to windows boot time. But for to find out the model of the motherboard you have to look for the two entries called System Manufacturer and System Model.
  • After you find the System Manufacturer, you will see the manufacturer’s name right next to it. And the model number will be next to the System Model.
  • Once you have the information, type exit to close the Command Prompt. So, when you’re done with all of this you have to close the Command Prompt. For that type exit and then hit Enter and you’re out.

Method 2: Using System Information Utility

  • For this one, you have to go to Run command. You can go to it by searching on the Start Menu or by pressing Win + R. After that type msinfo32 and hit Enter. The Open System Information Window would come up.
  • After that, Look into the left-pane, there should be System Summary, click it. The System Summary has detailed information about the operating system and motherboards and other hardware. So after opening it, you would be able to find out what motherboard you have.
  • Here you also have to look for the System Manufacturer and System Model. And that’s it, see so easy!

Method 3: Using Third - Party Apps

As I said before that if you have an Original Equipment Manufacturer computer like HP, Lenovo or Dell, then the previous methods might not work. So you have to install some third party tools in order to find out the manufacturer’s information. Below there's a screenshot of a similar tool called CPU-Z.

There are so many tools available out there that could tell you more about a PC’s hardware. Though, programs like these could be untrustworthy. So, once you have one in mind just go to its page and then download and install it. The tool site should tell you more about how to use them and do accordingly. And you’re done!

Though I would recommend not using any third party tool, you don’t have any other option if you’re on an OEM computer. So, you should dig up a little bit to find out more before installing them.

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