Expect Transparent Start Menu, Lighter Taskbar In Redstone 3

And transparent live tiles too! Some early details about what Microsoft is planning for the Windows 10 Redstone 3 update are here with us, and it looks like the company is working on more visual overhauls.

Basically, transparency is the next big thing at Redmond right now.

We have already seen a couple of apps getting some of these UI changes as part of the Project NEON user interface refresh — which itself is due for arrival with the next major update for the operating system, codenamed Redstone 3.

But this screenshot published today allegedly comes from internal builds of Redstone 3, showing what is clearly a facelift of the existing Start Menu with the same blur effect and transparent live tiles that let users see what is behind it on the desktop.

Take a closer look:

Sure, it doesn’t show too much what is behind, but this translucency at least ties in nicely and offers more consistency with the UI across the entire operating system that Microsoft is developing right now.

Of course, live tiles currently only have solid colors, but with Redstone 3 they could become transparent, though it will also be up to developers to adopt this feature.

Additionally, it appears that Microsoft might be working on a lighter taskbar as well, and could allow users to choose between dark and light, with a third choice being the accent color that the user has configured in the OS.

Several Windows 10 concepts have used a light taskbar, and it looks like Microsoft got the message.

No confirmation that Redstone 3 on Windows 10 Mobile will also offer this level of transparency in the user interface, but hopefully it does offer some sort of an uplift in this regard.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Like them, so far?

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