EaseUS RecExperts: The Best Screen Recorder For Streamers?

In recent years Screen Recorder has become one of the most useful software for digital content creators. Especially for the people who make tutorials video and the people who regularly go for live streaming on different websites such as YouTube, a good screen recorder with all the necessary and advanced features is a must.

The demand for the screen recorders has got a sudden spike during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You will find a lot of similar kinds of applications that claim to provide the best features for screen recording at the minimal cost, but only a few are genuine. One of those authentic applications is EaseUS RecExpertsIt is one of the popular screen recorders in the market.

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If you are one of those, who want to go for EaseUS RecExperts but is confused about its features, here is the detailed review of it in which we would discuss its main features thoroughly.

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EaseUS RecExperts Interface

There is an old saying: “The first impression is the last impression.” In the case of software, apps, and games, it is the User Interface which is responsible for creating the first impression. 

An excellent user interface can make people interested in software that is not even good at basic functioning.

If you look at the interface of EaseUS RecExperts recorder, you will find it soothing for the eyes. This is not just because of color effects, but also because it is simple and straightforward, with no confusing navigations.

You would get four straightforward options: Record Screen, Record Audio, Record Webcam, and Record Game. You can choose any of them and start recording. The options are also available in the drop-down menu on the inside interface.

1. Record screen will capture screen along with or without sound. 

Record screen

2. Record Audio will only record sound without any video.

Record Audio

3. Record webcam will only capture what the webcam sees.

Record webcam

4. Record Game will provide you the option to record and broadcast games while playing. It is the best feature for online gamers and streamers. It automatically detects the game screen

Record Game

Another great thing about the interface of EaseUS RecExperts is it does not grab your full screen. It’s just a small rectangular box, which makes it easier to use.

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Salient Features of EaseUS RecExperts

Now we would one by one discuss the top features of EaseUS RecExperts screen grabber.

We would discuss the options of Record screen as the options of Record sound, and Record webcam are also included in it.

There is a big Recording button at the right so that you can start the recording quickly at any time. The main interface also highlights the three most used functions explicitly. The first option from the left is for adjusting the screen, i.e., how much screen portion you want to record and more such options. To its right is the mic and sound setting, and then comes the feature to adjust the webcam.

Screen Selection

The screen selection option lets you adjust how much portion of the screen you want to record. It comes with the following options:

Select screen EaseUS RecExperts
  • Full screen: enables you to record the entire screen
  • Select screen: this option allows you to select the specific part of the screen for recording.
  • Fixed region: provides you the option to record screen in pre-defined resolution. You can also create a custom resolution.
  • Lock window: this unique feature lets you lock any application window and record it. For example, if you want to record only the Notepad application window, you can lock it, and the EaseUS RecExperts will record only that window. After the window is locked, you won’t be able to minimize it or change its size. However, you can move the window anywhere on the screen; the recording won’t stop.lock window EaseUS RecExpertsWindow locked EaseUS RecExperts

Sound Selection

The sound selection feature provides various options for users to select for recording the sound.

Sound selection EaseUS RecExperts
  • System sound: enabling this option would record only the audio that plays on the system, and no external recording would be done. 
  • Microphone: this option would only record the sound of the microphone attached to the system. There will not be any inclusion of the system audio.
  • System sound and microphone: if you allow this option, EaseUS RecExperts will record both the audio from the system and the mic.
  • Record without audio: This option will let you record the entire video without audio inclusion from any source.

There is a Settings option that further lets you adjust System and Microphone sound.

sound settings EaseUS RecExperts

Webcam Selection

This feature lets you include the webcam in the recording.

Webcam settings EaseUS RecExperts

You have the option to select your laptop’s webcam or any external webcam if applicable. You also have the option to record without webcam. Further settings option lets you adjust more webcam settings such as output resolution, position, and shape.

EaseUS RecExperts Settings

The settings option of EaseUS RecExperts provides you various options to configure. You can open settings by clicking on its icon at the top-right corner.

EaseUS RecExperts settings

A new window would be open where you will find the number of different settings such as the Default output folder, and many others. You can set these according to your preference.

Settings EaseUS RecExperts

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How can I trust EaseUS Brand?

By knowing about the features, you may be fascinated by EaseUS RecExperts. But if you are still in doubt whether to go for the EaseUS brand or not, you can check its reviews on Trustpilot. 

For those who don’t know, the Trustpilot is the popular platform where you will find the reviews and ratings of different products and software brands. These reviews are from genuine buyers. 

If we look at the EaseUS company reviews, it is currently on 4.4 rating points out of 5 with 1,535 reviewers.

That is a considerable number and clearly suggests that brand EaseUS can be fully trusted.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use, and a multipurpose screen recorder, then EaseUS RecExperts is best for you. Especially for gamers and streamers, you have dual-mode, that is, simultaneously recording from the screen and webcam. It is a perfect screen recorder for beginners too, as the features are easy to understand and use. I only felt one problem. While gaming, if you frequently minimize and maximize, it may sometimes be difficult for it to recognize the game window. Nonetheless, it is not a significant problem.

Grab the EaseUS RecExperts now and begin your streaming journey.

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