How to Download Windows 10 Spotlight Images (Save Offline)

Windows Spotlight is a default feature in Windows 10 that automatically downloads pictures from the web search engine, Bing; and displays them on the lock screen. When this feature is enabled, it refreshes the Lock Screen wallpapers at certain intervals. Thereby, it terminates the option of changing the wallpapers manually.

This feature also allows us, to adjust the pictures on the basis of our preferences. There are also options to block this feature, for those who don’t like their Lock Screen wallpapers, changing often. Anyway, these images are quite fantastic and kindle pleasantness, every time when we start our PC. Hence, normally, people would like to save certain spotlight images they like, to use it somewhere else.

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But, there isn’t any direct way to download like disabling ads on lockscreen. In this article, we’ll learn how to save the Windows 10 Spotlight images offline; which are displayed on the Lock Screen. In order to save those wallpapers, we have to follow the steps, presented below.

Steps to Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images

The Spotlight images are stored, right on your hard drive; where else it could be? But, these image files are kept in User’s folder, hidden; and is not easily accessible.

Therefore, you can find and copy the Windows 10 Spotlight images to your computer, by carrying out the following steps.

Step 1:

At first, open the File Explorer and select the “View” tab and check the “Hidden items” checkbox. By doing this, you can enable the hidden files and folders to show up on the computer.

Windows 10 Spotlight Images 1

Step 2:

Now, from the File Explorer, navigate to the folder, where the Windows 10 Spotlight images are saved. For this, go through the address inferred below;


Windows 10 Spotlight Images 2

Step 3:

The folder we have reached now will be populated with several files, bearing unsystematic names, without any file extensions. These are actually the Spotlight image files. In order to save them offline, we should copy those files and paste them to another folder in a different location.

Windows 10 Spotlight Images 3

Step 4:

We’ve now taken our own backup of all the Windows 10 Spotlight images. But however, it is still unusable, as these files don’t have a definite file extension. Hence, we have to rename these files with proper image file extension.

To do this, after copying those files, do a “Shift + Right-click” on an empty area in the folder. Then select the “Open PowerShell window here” option, in the oncoming menu.

Windows 10 Spotlight Images 4

Step 6:

Once the PowerShell is opened, type the following command and execute it. This command will just add the file extension “.jpg” to all the files populated in the entire folder.

Dir | %{Rename-Item $_ -NewName ("$_.jpg")}

Windows 10 Spotlight Images 5

Step 7:

Another possible option to rename all the files is using a renaming utility software, which helps to rename files in bulk. Some of the well-known renaming software programs are Bulk Renaming Utility, Advanced Renamer, PFrank, Siren, etc.

Step 8:

After renaming them to the valid image file extension; you’ll be able to see those files as image files, cache files, thumbnails, junk files, etc. You can also find that the image files to be also in portrait mode; which fits the screens of smartphones and tablets. Hence, you can select and copy your favorite ones, and use them as your phone wallpapers too.

Windows 10 Spotlight Images 6

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