How To Download The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Two ways. Two methods to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which Microsoft is all set to unleash tomorrow. Both of which are easy enough for everyone to get in on the action.

Redmond has made the whole process really easy for users that want to receive this first major update to the operating system.

The first one is the usual route via the Windows Update.

Just like all other updates that the company releases for the OS, the Anniversary Update will be offered via the built-in Windows Update option, which means that Windows 10 machines should receive it all automatically.

No user input will be necessary here, and all files will be downloaded with the installation of the Anniversary Update starting at the next reboot.

This is the best option for all users, but the only problem is that Microsoft will release this refresh in stages, and it could take a while until everyone receives it. However, those that can wait will definitely want to use the Windows Update option.

Those that cannot, or don’t want to, can perform the upgrade more quickly by clean installing the operating system from scratch.

Microsoft plans to release a new ISO tomorrow that you can use to create a bootable disc or USB drive to upgrade one or more computers to Windows 10 version 1607, codenamed Redstone and more commonly known as the Anniversary Update.

This method is not automated, but still an easy option for users that want to get involved in the update process.

Your choice?

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