How to Delete all Saved passwords from Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best and most used web browsers. It comes with a lot of advanced features and powerful tools. One of those tools is its in-built password manager.

This password manager from Chrome saves your passwords and sync them with Google servers and across devices. 

Though it is an excellent feature for many users, you may want to delete all the saved passwords from Chrome for various reasons.

In this guide, we would discuss how to delete all the saved passwords from the Google Chrome web browser.

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Advantages of Chrome Password Manager

Here are some pros of Google Chrome password manager that would prompt you to use it.

  • For accessing the password manager, users are not required to download an additional app or a browser extension. Also, no need to create a new account.
  • It is available on all the platforms and can sync your passwords with all of them.
  • Everything happens automatically with Chrome’s password manager. It would capture your from login credentials automatically and then ask you to save them or not. Then there is autofill feature. If you have saved the login credentials of a website and then visit it the next time, the password manager would autofill the details for faster and hassle-free login.
  • Unlike many password managers, the Google Chrome password manager is available for free.

Why may you want to Delete Passwords from the Chrome?

Though there are many advantages of using Chrome’s password manager, it cannot be replaced with the traditional, dedicated password managers. There are other problems too associated with Google Chrome’s password manager. 

Here are the top reasons to delete passwords from Chrome Password Manager

  • Many people log in themselves to public computers like in office or schools, so they don’t want their passwords to be vulnerable.
  • The Chrome password manager is not secure as many other dedicated password managers.
  • It is internet dependent. You can’t access it offline.
  • Some users may be switching to other password managers, so they no longer require the service of Google Chrome Password manager.
  • When you sign up or log in to a new website, Chrome automatically prompts you to save the login credentials. Maybe you have accidentally or unintentionally saved the password that you do not want to.
  • Some users may be disabling the unused account, so they don’t want to keep their passwords on it.
  • Somebody else might have accidentally saved their password on your device.
  • Passwords saved on Google Chrome can be easily accessed by someone who has your device password. Usually, there is no need of any hacking skills to crack it.

Delete Saved Passwords from Google Chrome

Deleting the saved passwords from the Google Chrome password manager is not a difficult task. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser and click on the three dots at the top-right corner.

  2. From the menu, select the Settings options, which is just above the Help option.
    Chrome Settings

  3. You will be redirected to the settings webpage of Chrome. Look for Passwords under the Autofill section and click on it.Autofill

  4. After you click Passwords, you will see the list of Saved Passwords and Never Saved. Also, other sign-in and autofill options are available.
    password settings

  5. To remove any login credentials, click on the three-dots for more action, and select Removeremove password

  6. One by one, you can select the login credentials or passwords that you want to remove and repeat step 5 for each of them.

That is it. This is a simple, straightforward method to remove your saved passwords or log in credentials from the Google Chrome web browser.

How to remove Bulk Passwords from Chrome?

By the method explained in the previous section, you have learned to remove the login credentials from the Google Chrome one by one.

That method is fine if you have 15-20 passwords or if you want to remove only a few passwords from the browser. However, removing them from Chrome one by one can be tedious and frustrating if you have passwords in a larger number. Moreover, the Google Chrome browser does not include any direct option to delete the login credentials in bulk.

In such a case, there is another method through which you can remove all your passwords in one go. This method requires you to reset the Chrome sync. It would also delete the other sync data like Browsing History, Bookmarks, and others. However, this would only delete these data from the Google servers and not from the device itself. Once you sync it back, all the data would be back except the passwords.

Follow these steps to remove all passwords from Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Go to Settings and click on Sync and Google services under You and Google.Sync and Google services
  3. On the next window, under sync, select Review your synced data.sync
  4. Scroll down and look for the RESET SYNC button and click on it. RESET SYNC
  5. Then, read the pop-up message and confirm reset sync by clicking OK.Confirm reset sync
  6. This would clear the Chrome data from the Google servers.
  7. Now got to settings again and Turn Off Chrome sync if it is ON.Turn Off Sync
  8. Now, scroll down and select Clear browsing data under Privacy and security.Clear data
  9. First, choose the Advanced tab, then select the Time range -All time, next check on Passwords and other sign-in data checkbox and uncheck all others. Finally, click on Clear Data.Clear all passwords

That is it. All passwords and sign-in details are removed from the Chrome Browser. You can now Turn-on Sync back, and all your data except passwords would be sync.

Final Words

These are the methods through which you can delete some or all of your saved passwords from Google Chrome. Privacy is a major concern for modern internet users. Notably, the way Google uses your private data makes it likely that no users want to share their personal data with them. Although it is a lot more convenient to save your passwords and use the autofill feature during login on Google Chrome, it is more secure to use a dedicated Password Manager.

Google Chrome or any other browsers with password managers are not particularly designed to secure passwords, so storing your passwords on any of them is a potential security risk.

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1. Are saved passwords in Chrome safe?

When you save any password on Google Chrome, they are saved to your account, which is linked to the Google Servers. Although Google servers are very secure and not easily hackable, your browser isn’t. Anyone who has access to your system can get your password from the Google Chrome browser. This makes saving passwords on Chrome UNSAFE.

2. How can I remove the password that I accidentally saved on Google Chrome?

You can easily delete the password that you accidentally saved on your Chrome browser. Just go to Settings, click on password, and then choose which password or login credentials you want to remove. For more details, follow the methods explained in this guide.

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