How to Use Features in Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update bring galore of new features. We decided to demonstrate all the new features with this hands-on video series which will enable you to take advantage in your daily computing.

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1. How to Create Folders in Start Menu

Something that Windows Phone users will already be familiar with, the latest version of Windows 10 comes with the ability to group apps together into folders in the Start Menu on PCs. The process is as simple as dragging a tile on top of another one.

2. How to Use Picture-in-Picture Feature

Does exactly what it says on the tin, the new Compact Overlay feature for Windows 10 apps. It lets users multitask by watching a video, for example, while they work on another application or window.

3. How to Use Night Light

This is basically a blue light filter that can reduce the amount of blue light that is emitted from the screens in the later hours of the day. Very helpful for users that stare at their displays for long periods of time, particularly before going to bed.

4. How to Use Dynamic Lock

Link a smartphone or other device to automatically lock your PC when you step away.

5. Lock App Install on Windows Store

6. Windows Defender and Troubleshooting

7. Changes in Windows Settings

8. Create 3D objects in Paint 3D

9. Download 3D Components

10. Manage Tabs and Read Books in EDGE

11. Measure Hand-Drawn Route in Maps

12. Focus Inbox and @mention in Mail