New Chromium Edge Browser is Ready for Daily Use

The First Beta version of New Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium is available for download. Microsoft is calling it ready for daily usage because it has been passed several tests during build releases in Canary and Dev channel.

Till date, there have been one million downloads of Preview builds. From these, 140,000 feedbacks were received.

So, we can hope this is an important milestone in a development. Even though tagged as beta, company has dared to call it as the one ready for daily use. It implies that the stable release is around the corner and the current release is as good as stable one.

  New Chromium Edge Browser Features and Review

What This Release Means

This beta release replaces the older Internet explorer version with its enhanced speedy performance and added features. Additionally, the beta releases of this the Chromium Edge version intends to optimize web compatibility and reduce fragmentation of the web endured by web developers. This improved built-in browser delivers performance and works in up to 14 languages.

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With the beta edge, you get a more personalized touch – letting you choose what you want to see when you open a tab, for more inspiration and focus towards your work. Plus, if you want to add personalized features, the chromium-based web store gives you all the options for a wider variety.

Inspirational shows a nice image as background along with recently opened / favorites block.
Informational shows news articles from MSN.
Focused doesn’t show anything except for the bookmarks / recently opened / favorites block.

For your business solutions, the Edge browser boasts a built-in search to Bing, thus, cutting down your search time and intelligently optimizes connection to your business circles, documentations, sites, locations, and correspondences. The Microsoft Edge further visualizes a greater viewing experience and merges with the Inter Explorer 11 compatibility thus, allowing businesses to use both Internet Explorer and other browsers.


The Windows Defender App on the other end also comes with the Edge browser to help counter enterprise-defined untrusted sites to protect your organization at all times when you are browsing the internet. And if security and privacy are a top priority, the release of the Beta Chrome Edge will not deter your priorities.

Privacy Settings Chromium-Edge

You can simply personalize the browser to activate tracking prevention with the Beta builds. This feature prevents websites you have no interest in tracking you. You can go for a basic, balanced or strict model of privacy.

What Users say

We looked up web to find user reviews and comments about the new Chromium Edge browser.

New Edge-Browser beta Review

No doubt about it that it would be a game changer. It would be the future of browsing on Windows 10.

Chrome vs Edge Chromium Review

The New Edge is also based on the same Chromium as Google Chrome. We do not find it to be faster or slower but the user in comment has a different experience. I guess it’s faster because the newly installed browser is yet to accumulate stuff.

Chromium Edge Beta vs Dev Builds

Here’s another user who is confused about Dev/Canary builds and Beta build. Beta has been released for the first time and considered to be more stable than former two.

Overall, there is a positive sentiment about the Microsoft’s new browser.

Bottom line

The Beta channel for the chromium Edge proves to be a much-favored channel that its trademark high-quality and concept-grasping browsing experience. It is the most stable preview channel and boasts higher quality than the rest – thanks to its feature pre-testing with the two other channels to ensure top-quality.

Some of you can even enjoy revenue benefits with the release of the Beta Edge browser. With up to US$30000 from the security bounty program, Microsoft will pay researchers who diagnose and present any security vulnerabilities that the browser may have.

For easy uniformity, the Microsoft Edge insider channel will let you synch with the browser’s mobile App. So you can access all the features on your Android or iOS smartphones with your windows or Mac so you are always in the lop.

With the official date still approaching, you are still able to freely download the browser from the company’s site and is extremely encouraged for business solutions and enthusiasts alike. And after a brisk run through the Canary and Dev channels, the features that come with Edge are pre-tested and high performing.

If it’s not enough, the planned 6-week constant browser updates guarantee to always leave the Edge browser effectively functioning.  For the fearsome in you, this version comes with over-the-top security periodical security updates to keep you safe in the online world.

3 thoughts on “New Chromium Edge Browser is Ready for Daily Use”

  1. I’ve been using the Beta Edge on Dev Channel for months now. A few hiccups with viewing Hulu streaming content at first but it’s all been “nailed down.” No gripes other than not being able to replace Bing for the main search engine but it was Easy to replace it in the address bar. The feel is still Edge and Not Chrome which is a +. (I Hate Chrome) Every extension I’ve used has worked fine.

  2. The look and feel of the Edge browser is awesome (Good-bye Google!). Navigation is sleek and fluid. I am still on Edge chromium-based (Dev), but I am going to give it a try at the Beta version, which in all likelihood should even fare better.

  3. first I knew about it when I saw that windows 10 had a new Beta browser chromium based browser, I have always used the additional browser of Chrome/google but have now switched to Edge Beta this night to see how It fits in with my Google email.
    I also have Outlook, It did not feel the same with Edge hope I will feel different now…!


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