How to Change Drive Letter in Windows 10 (Easy to Follow Guide)

How to Change Drive Letter in Windows 10

  • June 24, 2017

The hard disk partition is shown as drive at the 'This PC' window, with each drive named after an alphabetical letter. The C is the prominent drive you could see on anyone’s computer, it’s where the OS actually functions from.

All other drives such as hard disk drives, optical drives, flash drives, etc. are automatically assigned a Drive Letter in Windows 10, consistently after C.

The need for changing the drive letter can come from varied situations, specifically in the personalization aspects.

For example, you might have a partition in such a way that the Music files, Games, Documents, etc. are segregated. Now, you might want to give the letter G for the drive holding games, M for music and so on.

This might also be needed to avoid confusion while working with many external hard disks.

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Change the Drive Letter in Windows 10 - Quick Guide

With C being the drive, in which the Windows 10 OS is installed, you wouldn’t be able to change the letter assigned to it. However, you’ll very much able to change the letter assigned to the hard drives, USB, and optical drives. Moreover, the process of changing drive letters wouldn’t need much technical knowledge, it’s just simple to be completed in few minutes.

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The procedures are explained as follows.

An Easy Way to Alter the Drive Letters:

Here are the few steps, which will help you change the drive letter in Windows 10. But, before starting it, make sure that the drive you are altering the letter, isn’t in use, i.e. close all the files and applications running from it.

Step 1:

Disk Management is the application that is going to enable you to change the Drive Letter in Windows 10. The Disk Management can also be invoked from the Power User Menu, but let’s do it, this way.

Drive Letter in Windows 10

Step 2:

Right-click the drive, you want to change the letter for. Choose Change Drive Letter and Paths in the evoked menu.

Drive Letter in Windows 10

Step 3:

Now, tap the button, Change to proceed further.

Drive Letter in Windows 10

Step 4:

Here you have to select a new drive letter, from a drop down, containing options like A, B, E, and so on; and then click Ok.

Drive Letter in Windows 10

Step 5:

Just choose Yes to confirm drive letter change.

Drive Letter in Windows 10

And thus, your Drive Letter in Windows 10 has been changed successfully.

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