How to Upgrade your PC to Windows 11?

Doesn’t Microsoft Want You to Upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 is now officially started to roll out for all the supported devices. If your device meets all the minimum hardware and software requirements and is ready for upgrading to Windows 11, here are the ways to do that.

Windows 11 will make it Hard to Change Default Web Browser

Windows 11 will make it hard to Change Default Web Browser

Microsoft’s all-new operating system, Windows 11, is officially scheduled to roll out starting from October 5, 2021. On Windows 11 Microsoft is making it challenging to change the default web browser by adding a trickier way to do that. Know more about it.

How to Change a User Account Type in Windows 11?

How to Change a User Account Type in Windows 11

As a Windows user, many times, you might want to change the user account type on Windows 11 system, for example, changing a standard account to an Administrative account to give the administrative privileges to the owner of that account. Learn how to do that.

How to Dual Boot Windows 11 with Windows 10?

How to Dual Boot Windows 11 with Windows 10

After the announcement of Windows 11 on June 24th, Windows users are eagerly anticipating its quick release. However, as of now, it is unlikely that Microsoft would release Windows 11 this year. With the buzz going around of the amazing UI changes and other improvements Windows 11 is introducing, many of you might be willing … Read more

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft’s Windows 11 is coming soon, and it is constantly in the buzz even after 45 days of its launch. If you cannot wait for its official release to try, you can install the Windows 11 Insider Preview by joining Microsoft’s Insider Program. However, before that, you must check whether your PC is compatible with … Read more