How to Force Delete Folder/Files in Windows 10?

Force Delete Folder in Windows 10

Some files or folders are stubborn. Whatever you do, how many times you do, they won’t get deleted. We are presenting two simple methods by which you can easily force delete the files and folders used by an application.

6 Ways to keep an App Window Always on Top in Windows 10

always on top windows 10

Windows 10 does not provide an official way to pin an application on top of others. However, many third-party applications can perform that task for you. We have created a list of applications that have been tested to work accurately on Windows 10 systems.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Duplicate files in Windows 10 constitute a prime part, when it comes to unnecessary files. It is very difficult to identify the duplicate files manually and time taking too. So, here are some tools to find and duplicate files which identify them using the content and signature of files.

How to Customize Lock Screen in Windows 10

customize lockscreen

Windows 10 allows you to customize the Lock Screen, colors, background and windows themselves. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the steps necessary to customize the Lock Screen on your device and get the most of it in terms of form and functionality.

How to use Google Duo on Windows 10 PC?

How to use Google Duo on Windows 10 PC

Google Duo is one of the top video calling apps by the technology giant Google. Many users might be already using it on their smartphones, iPhones, and tabs. However, it is unavailable for Windows operating systems. If you are one of those users who spend most of the time on a PC rather than a smartphone and want to use the Google Duo application on your Windows 10 system, this guide will provide you several tricks on how to do that.

How to Change Windows 10 Hardware Acceleration?

Windows 10 Hardware Acceleration helps users in boosting Windows OS performance and run the applications hang-free. In this post, we would learn more about Windows 10 Hardware Acceleration and know how to turn it ON or OFF.

What are two Blue Arrows on Icons and How to Remove them?

What are two Blue Arrows on Icons and How to Remove them

If you have noticed some icons on your desktop or partition drives with two blue arrows on your Windows 10 systems, then you are not alone. The mysterious double blue arrows on icons is not an indication of a virus or malware-infected folder, as many users think. Let us discuss what this two blue arrows on icons indicate and how to remove them if you find it annoying.