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Patch Tuesday Has Critical Fixes for Windows 10 and Office

  • October 14, 2015

Patch Tuesday dropped a collection of important and critical fixes for all versions of Windows and users of Office. Of note is one for the new Edge browser in Windows 10, that Microsoft categorizes as

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New Updates Available For Windows 10 Build 10122, Build 10074

  • May 28, 2015

Microsoft has released a batch of three updates today, that address security vulnerabilities on Windows 10 build 10122 and build 10074, the two most recently fast and slow ring releases respectively. These

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13% Of Windows Updates In 2014 Broke Down PCs

That’s a catastrophic amount! Microsoft would do well go get this down to low single digits. Broken or botched Windows updates are almost a regular occurrence these days. No wonder then that the software

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Tech Support Companies Raking In Cash Due To Botched Windows Updates

If there’s one thing Microsoft needs to change with Windows 10 is the updates philosophy. Botched Windows updates are allowing support companies to mint a fortune due to these issues. Every now and then

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New Update For Windows 10 Aims To Fix Security Flaw

  • May 15, 2015

Microsoft have released a new update for Windows 10 that fixes a recently discovered security flaw in the operating system. It is available via the integrated Windows Update option in the OS. As of right

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Major Windows 10 Update Brings Dolby Digital Plus Codec

Microsoft have released a major new Windows 10 update, available for users that have deployed the recent build 10074, a version that was made available last week. Right after the opening keynote of BUILD

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Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Bug That Kept Users Locked

Locked out of their computers, that is, don’t get any funny ideas. This Windows 10 bug, although not widespread, has affected some testers, not allowing them to log into their machines. Build 10041 of

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Build 9926 Gets Three New Patches, New Build Imminent

Finally, some news that we’ve all been waiting for. Microsoft have released three new patches for Windows 10 build 9926, while at the same time confirmed that a build update is in line. The new build

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Microsoft Releases Two Windows 10 Patches For Build 9926

  • February 10, 2015

Been a while since we’ve had new Windows 10 patches. Well, not really. It’s only been days since the rollup release, and Microsoft released a build 9926 update prior to that. The company is back with

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FIX – Windows 10 9901 will not work with Vmware – keeps crashing

So as I have pointed out before, it’s usually best to install these funny Windows 10 test builds in VM’s. Windows 10 9901 is no different. When installing this on VmWare though, it crashed

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