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Fix: Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor

Windows 10 has effectively proven to be a reliable and solid platform. However, like with any bit of software, unexpected things do happen, here also. Likewise, one of the awful issues you can run over

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New Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Bring Tons Of Fixes

Suppose that’s what you get when you skip a Patch Tuesday cycle. Microsoft has finally unleashed the second batch of updates for the year, bringing with it fixes worth two months. Catch up on why the

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Internet Explorer To Now Get Security Updates Separately

  • January 14, 2017

Separate packs for IE patches. Internet Explorer may not be web browser it once was, but it is still an important part of the Windows 10 platform, more so for companies and business organizations. Those

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 For PCs Build 14393.351

The Creators Update preview is still set for launch this week, but in the meantime, Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 14393.351 for PCs, which addresses and fixes a bunch of issues. This cumulative

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Microsoft Fixes Loophole That Allowed Linux On Surface RT

The original Surface RT. A tablet that was jailbroken earlier one, and now a vulnerability in the bootloader allowed other operating systems to be installed onto it. But not if Microsoft have their way! And

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Windows 10 Update History Page Now Live

History is written by the winners. Unless its about their OS updates, when vendors use generic terms like “security” or “stability” update that mean nothing to users. Microsoft

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More Windows 10 Security Updates Go Live

  • December 8, 2015

Check your Windows messages for updates again, as Windows 10 gets a blast on Patch Tuesday. The latest release is classed as a Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511. It brings together a collection

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Video – what’s new in the Windows 10 Fall Update or Threshold 2

As you must know by now, Microsoft just rolled out the new Windows 10 fall or November update. The update is now publicly available for everyone to download and Microsoft have confirmed that it will be

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Windows 10 Now In Use Across 12 Million Businesses

With the fall update now rolling out to Windows 10 users, Microsoft is on the front foot again. The first major update for a Windows OS is usually the trigger for many businesses to start upgrading their

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Latest Windows Patches Causing Outlook Crashes

Two steps forward, one step back! Microsoft’s updates from patch Tuesday seem to be causing issues for some Windows 10 and Outlook users. One of the patches in Microsoft’s monthly basket of

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