Evernote Windows 10 App Picks An Update

Along with releasing a universal Evernote Windows 10 app, the company has also made some improvements to its desktop program, updating it recently with new features. New features like better search options and some general user interface improvements here and there. Evernote detailed the new options in a blog post, revealing: Select ‘Notebooks’ to pull … Read more

Desktop App Converter Tool Brings Win32 Apps To The Store

The maturity of Project Centennial. At its annual developer conference, Microsoft announced what is called the Desktop App Converter tool that will open up new possibilities for the Windows Store. Basically, paving the way for traditional Windows apps to be turned into an UWP app. Universal Windows Platform applications. The tool takes an existing Win32 … Read more

Project Centennial On Track To Bring Win32 Software To The Store

Project Centennial Software

Project Centennial is another ambitions plan from Microsoft to fix the lack of apps on Windows 10, but practically bringing traditional Win32 software to the Windows Store. There has been plenty of talk on how these programs will help take the popular Continuum feature on Windows 10 Mobile to the next level — but if … Read more

Windows Security Amped With Man-In-The-Middle Adware Blocking

Windows Security MiTM Attacks

Microsoft is taking Window security very seriously with their latest operating system, and the improvements are set to continue next year. This time the focus is on MiTM adware — ad injection software that employ man-in-the-middle techniques will be entirely blocked in Windows. Redmond is essentially adding a new security layer to the OS in … Read more

Best Apps For Windows 10 Antivirus Protection

Windows 10 Antivirus

Got to love lists like these! German security institute AV-TEST, you may recall, performed a series of test for the best Windows 10 antivirus protection, putting several solutions through their paces. Products like Avira Antivirus Pro, Bitdefender Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Norton Security topped the charts, back then. While Windows Defender had a … Read more

Download Google Chrome 47 With Windows 10 Fixes

Google Chrome Logo

Windows 10 November Update 2 fixes, rather. You can now download Google Chrome 47, as the latest version of this new web browser arrives with several optimizations for Microsoft’s new OS. Most of them improve general productivity and reliability. For users not just running the vanilla version of Windows 10, but also the Threshold 2 … Read more

Privacy Protector For Windows 10, Paid App To Block Data Collection

Software Privacy Protector For Windows 10

Sure is a generic name for a software program, but there you go. Privacy Protector for Windows 10 is an application that can block data collection in Microsoft’s new operating system. For a price. A number of free solutions are available that address the privacy issues in the new OS, and these third-party applications continue … Read more

Old Internet Explorer Versions Set For Discontinuation

Internet Explorer Brand

In January. About time! Microsoft did a neat job of replacing the tried and tested Internet Explorer with Edge in Windows 10, the latest version of the operating system. And with the focus exclusively on the new web browser, the company is keen on moving users to its newest solution. In fact, this has now … Read more

Review: Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac

Being a fan of VMware, I was curious to see how the other side of the world lives. I reached out to the good folks at parallels and asked ever so nicely for a review license. They were more than happy to oblige so here we are. Thanks to them for the license. For those … Read more