8 Best Webcam Video Recording Software

While professional productions use expensive equipment, most content creators still rely on the trusted webcam. We listed different recording software from free options to premium software. You will also see feature-rich applications to no-frills options which will fit your needs.

7 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

Well, if you want me to describe Windows File Explorer then I would say, workable. Though you will get options to tweak around, it’s limited for that fact. No tabbed browsing, no integrated cloud storage provider (Non-Microsoft ), no customizing shortcut panel. Maybe it’s time for you to look into other alternatives.

8 Best Screen Sharing Software

Remotely working has become an efficient option nowadays. Teams have the opportunity to meet online. Sharing information over the Internet has never been this easy. One of the most common tools used today is a remote access software or remote control software.Remote control software is useful in different situations. You can help a friend troubleshoot … Read more