5 Best Windows 10 Email Clients

Obviously, each and every day the number of bloggers and mail senders are increasing significantly, at a quick pace. Escalating persistent stream of emails makes it much more agonizing. To be precise, emails are now a huge part of our personal or official life.

Taking this into consideration, it is definitely important, to choose a good email client.

5 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows 10

Why do people need an alternative for the iTunes? If you’re not familiar with the consumer world ruled by Apple, this question might not be such an important one. On contrary, if you’re owning an iPod, iPad or an iPhone, well this is for you. Many people are battling with the iTunes every day, for … Read more

6 Best EPUB Readers for Windows 10

Ebooks may have come a long way, but it sure feels like all the action is happening on mobile platforms. Android and iOS powered devices, both, have a much better selection of ebook-reading apps available, something that Windows 10 has tried to fix. With its native support for files in the EPUB format in the … Read more

New Windows 10 Feature Blocks Win32 Program Installation

Control, more control! Another new feature coming to Windows 10 Creators Update that Microsoft has not announced for some reason is one aimed at system administrators. That would allow them the ability to block the installation of Win32 software on the OS. Essentially limiting the operating system to Windows Store apps. This new feature has … Read more

Alternatives to the Windows 10 DVD Player App

Windows DVD Player App

Microsoft is trying to take advantage of unwary PC users by charging $15 for the new DVD Player app. However, there are many free or less expensive options if you want to use your PC to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies or TV shows. The most popular of these is VLC Player, which is free … Read more