This is Everything you need on Windows PC

Everything windows app

Many Windows users find Windows search to be too slow and inefficient. This is where Everything comes in – the popular search utility app for Windows. In this post, we will discuss everything about Everything!

6 Best Lightweight Torrent Clients for Windows 10

Torrents are instead a great way to download huge files such as your favorite TV shows or movies or even games. People generally do not look beyind utorrent so here we suggest some awesome torrent clients which are lightweight and does what they are meant for.

10 Best AirDrop Alternatives for Windows and Android Sharing

best airdrop alternatives for windows and android

Airdrop is a great way to share files between Apple devices, but unfortunately, it is not available on all platforms. What if you want to share files with someone who doesn’t have an Apple device? Or what if you want to share files between your Windows PC and Android phone? Don’t worry we are here … Read more

6 Bass Booster for Windows 10

bass speaker

Bass mostly depends on the headphones, earphones or the speakers you are using. Though there are some software for Windows 10 devices through which you can tweak the bass settings and enhance your music experience. These tools will let you set the bass according to your taste. Let us talk about them.

5 Mac Themes for Windows 10 with look-alike Skins

Mac Themes for Windows 10

Though Windows 10 default theme is excellent, many users love giving their OS a different look with new themes and skins. Besides, not only does a theme change your computer’s visual interface, but it also improves your user experience.