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Microsoft Tablets Miles Ahead Of The Competition

  • April 7, 2017

Well, not exactly miles ahead, but Microsoft tablets have carved out a nice little segment of the market now, users seeking the ultimate in productivity choosing the Surface line of devices. And they love

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First Surface Pro 5 Details Hint At Minor Changes

Those of you who were expecting a dramatic entry for the Surface Pro 5, would do well to manage your expectations a little. Because it looks like Microsoft is not planning any major changes. There is still

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Microsoft Wants To Win Developers Back With Project Scorpio

Developers, developers, developers! Software support been a core issue for Microsoft in recent years, but with Project Scorpio, the company aims to change its fortune on this front. At least, when it comes

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Microsoft Launches Surface Windows 10 Devices In 13 New Markets

Microsoft has had a rather interesting strategy with regards to its Surface device and making them available in certain regions around the globe. Retail business is tough business, for sure. But the fact

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Don’t Expect The Surface Book 2 At Microsoft’s Spring Event

Word is solidifying that Microsoft is all set to host a spring event in the coming weeks, but if you were expecting a Surface Book 2 launch at the gathering, then prepare to be disappointed. Because, according

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Microsoft Has Developed A Special Version Of Windows 10 For China

Windows 10 is ready for China, in the words of a local Microsoft official. The software titan has just announced a special version of the OS for the country, complete with custom security features. Talk

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Windows 10 Ads Are Unacceptable, Users Say

The criticism is coming high and low, particularly regarding Windows 10 ads, which have actually become quite a common thing these days as Microsoft is going all in. Redmond is even showing new ads in

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Microsoft Adds More Bloatware For Windows 10 US Users

Not the best news to end a week, but Microsoft, it seems, is adding another name to the list of apps that come preinstalled with Windows 10. At least, for users in the United States. The en-US version,

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Microsoft May Be Launching A $1,000 Windows 10 Laptop

How’s that for a surprise! It appears that the Surface Book 2 may also end up with a traditional laptop approach, as rumor is that Microsoft is actually planning a Windows 10 laptop. One that may come

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Microsoft confirm that they have been contacted by Wikileaks – should they discuss?

Interesting news from the Julian Assange school of espionage. Microsoft publicly disclosed this Monday that it has been contacted by Wikileaks. As you have probably heard Wikileaks just released a massive

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