Microsoft Office 2019 Features

Microsoft hasn’t revealed exactly what’s cooking in the labs of Office 2019. However, some additions and upgrades in Office 365 hints at the new features of MS office 2019. In this article, we list those additions which are likely to be shipped with Office 2019.

What You Should Know About Office 2019

The announcement of the release of Office 2019 back in September last year got many people excited. Office 2019 is the next perpetual update for the Office family of applications. A lot of buzzes is building about its release, features, and system requirements. Here are a few things that we know so far: What is … Read more

Satya Nadella Shares Microsoft’s Plans For LinkedIn

Well, this did not take long. Microsoft’s acquisition closed today, after it received the clearing from all the required regulatory bodies, including the European Commission. The final process did require some concessions, though. But it’s a done deed. And with the deal finally closed, people have been wondering what Redmond is planning for LinkedIn, at … Read more

Vladimir Putin Declares War On Microsoft

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, practically wants Microsoft out of the country, as he believes that software from the company can be used in cyberwarfare. Microsoft, sadly, has come in the crossfire — even with the Redmond-based company explaining that it is not involved in any spying activities, and is not collaborating with the US … Read more