MediaTek Says No To Windows 10 ARM

Saying it straight! It looks like Qualcomm will remain alone in the Windows 10 ARM field, with no immediate competition, as MediaTek has revealed that it has no plans to pursue this market. In fact, when asked whether they would be putting their ARM based chips into Windows 10 PCs, the company gave a big … Read more

PC Makers Already Showing Interest In Windows 10 ARM

Windows 10 ARM could well be the next big thing! Microsoft pulled a fast surprise recently by announcing that is operating system would run on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. It is currently working on offering the full Windows 10 experience on these chips. And it now appears that this strategy is already generating interest from PC … Read more

Windows 10 RT Lives?

Windows RT Future

Can’t be. Can it? There are some signs that Windows 10 RT might still exist, with Microsoft thinking about the possibility of launching an ARM based version of Windows 10 for users. Windows RT, of course, is the variant of the operating system that arrived all the way back in 2012. Redmond used this version … Read more