You Can Now Download Windows 10 Build 9860

As widely expected, Microsoft has made Windows 10 build 9860 available for download to users that have installed the Technical Preview of its upcoming operating system.

After some early releases and late teases, this fresh new version can now be grabbed.

And it brings several improvements in terms of usability and user interface — approximately 7,000 new enhancements according to Redmond, but most of these are under the hood. Still, you can expect a lot more polish than the debut flavor of the Technical Preview.

According to Microsoft, these new changes are based on user feedback:

“Most of the changes in this build will be invisible to you, but we’ve made nearly 7,000 improvements and fixes to the product between 9841 and 9860. Many of those fixes were based on problem reports that you submitted in the Community forum or through the Windows Feedback app. Thanks!”

The download could take a while, though.

This new build clocks in at 2GB to 2.74GB depending on your processor platform, so if you have a slow Internet, expect to spend a lot of time on download and the overall set up process.

Speaking of which, a new “Installing your apps” screen will also be displayed after installation.

But this new flavor is here, and it brings a wide array of improvements to those that deployed the first preview version. Let’s just hope Microsoft sticks to a monthly update cycle for Windows 10 Technical Preview, going forward.

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