Windows 10 System Requirements

Windows 10 System Requirements

Curious about the Windows 10 system requirements? Wondering whether Microsoft has amped up the specifications for you to be able to install the upcoming operating system? Well, happy to report that the Windows 10 system requirement are the same. Same as Windows 8, that is. Which means that if you can run the current version … Read more

Windows 10 Features: Windowed Metro Apps

In the list of new Windows 10 features, this is the one you might have seen from a mile away. There were reports on this even during the development of Windows 8.1. Windowed Metro apps, of course. Microsoft talked about how everything runs in a window, as it unveiled Windows 10 at a private event … Read more

Windows 10 Features: Improved Command Prompt

An unexpected enhancement, as far as Windows 10 features go, but here we are. Microsoft has improved the command prompt in the newest version of its operating system. Yes, you heard that right — the good old command prompt. The software titan talked about how the upcoming OS streamlines productivity for enterprise and business users, … Read more

Windows 10 Features: Multiple Desktops

Next up in Windows 10 features is another important new addition, multiple desktops. The Linux ecosystem has had them for a while now, and now we have the Microsoft implementation. A Microsoft implementation that is going to take productivity through the roof. People wanted more emphasis from Microsoft on desktops, and the company responds with … Read more

Windows 10 Features: Start Menu

Okay, time for a quick rundown of what we know about a few of the Windows 10 features. First up, the obvious, the returning, the Start Menu. Everyone that knows anything about Windows 10 (previously known as Windows 9) knows that this version of the operating system brings back the Start Menu. And it does … Read more

Windows 10 Preview To Be Available Tomorrow

Contrary to all previous rumors and reports, Microsoft just announced a surprising name for its next OS. It also announced that Windows 10 Preview will be available for users. Tomorrow. Probably just a shock tactic, this name. But then again, it’s all in the features, as they say, right? We’ll be able to test drive … Read more