Games Continue Their Reign On Microsoft Platforms

The Windows Store has come a long way from the early days, and the same can be said of the Windows Phone apps repository. With a few years under their digital belts, we now have some set patterns. Set patterns in terms of which categories bring home the bacon for Microsoft. Unsurprisingly, gaming is at … Read more

Microsoft Very Much Surprised By China’s Windows 8 Ban

The Chinese government, last week, announced that it plans to ban the installation and use of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on its PCs. The reasons cited were rather vague, about security and energy use. But the news took the technology world by surprise — even Microsoft it seems. The software titan has finally issued … Read more

Windows XP Enterprise User Base Said To Be Down To Under 10%

Windows XP might still be the second most used operating system in the desktop world, but Microsoft’s biggest concern is seeing its usage drop to minimal levels, particularly in a few important fields. These include enterprises, industries and government organizations. Good thing, then, that according to the newest statistics provided by security companies Qualys, the … Read more