We Tested Windows 10X: What’s New in it?

Whats new in Windows 10X

Microsoft is almost ready with its new OS, Windows 10X  – a new operating system from Microsoft, which is codenamed Santorini. It was basically built for the dual-screen foldable devices like Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo. However, now it is revealed that Windows 10X would come to the single screen devices first.

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How to Install Windows 10X?

Whats new in Windows 10X

Windows 10X is a new operating system specially designed for light devices. It is a compact version of Windows 10, which will only be available on new devices. Microsoft has designed it to compete with Chrome OS, which is pretty good for light devices such as notebooks and tablets.

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9 Ways to Fix Inaccessible Boot Device on Windows 10

9 Ways to Fix inaccessible boot device on Windows 10

Windows 10 users often encounter an error screen on their system that tells them that their PC has developed a problem and needs to be restarted. This error screen is generally known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).In this guide, we would discuss how to fix it on Windows 10.

Computer randomly Turns off Windows 10 – What to do?

Computer randomly Turns off Windows 10

Every Windows user might have experienced the sudden restart or shutdown of computer due to various reasons like update installation, system crash, etc. In this guide, we would discuss some major reasons behind it and suggest fixes.

How to Make Phone Calls from Windows 10 PC?

How to Make Phone Calls from Computer

Using two devices simultaneously becomes difficult at times when you are doing an important task and don’t want to disturb your workflow. This post will guide you on how you can take full advantage of your Windows 10 device and make phone calls from your computer and do a lot more without even touching your phone.

How to enable Windows Spotlight Search like MacOS?

How to enable Windows Spotlight Search like MacOS

Windows users always had a wish to get a fancy search bar on their system, similar to the Spotlight of Mac. Thanks to PowerToys by Microsoft, their desire finally comes true. This post will guide you on how to enable and use the PowerToys Run tool.

5 Batch File Renamers for Windows 10

Working with a lot of files can give you a lot of stress. Renaming all of them one by one, just to change a word is a headache. This articles lists advanced file renaming utilities which can rename files in batch without manual efforts.

5 Best Color Picker Tools for Windows 10

Well, you never know where you might find inspiration right? So, you need a perfect tool to pick up that exact color. And you’ll know just what to use after today, solving all your problems. Here is a list of best color picking tools for Windows 10.