HyperTerminal for Windows 10

hyperterminal for windows-10

HyperTerminal journey came to an end with Windows XP, which was the last version of the OS that bundled the program. Yes, there is a selection of alternatives available now that fill in this gap.

Fix Modern Setup Host 100% Disk Usage

Fix Windows 10 Annoyances

If you experience a slower computer (100% disk) and open the Task Manager, you may find the Modern Setup Host at high disk usage. Here are 5 ways to fix the problem and bring back usage to normal.

How to Fix Mouse Lag in Windows 10

Change Mouse Sensitivity

A freezing or lagging mouse can be quite frustrating. In most occasions, it wastes your times and prevents you from comfortably working away on your PC. In this article, we explore different ways you can employ to fix mouse lag in Windows 10.

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How to Mirror Android to PC

Mirroring your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC involves seeing exactly the mobile screen display on Computer monitor. In this guide, you will learn 8 ways to cast and mirror smartphone on big screen of laptop of desktop display.

5 Best Alternatives for Logic Pro on Windows 10

Logic Pro X is one of the best recording studio programs on the market. The editing power of Logic Pro is astonishing. But unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac platform. That means you won’t be able to use this program if you are on Windows. So, how can you get the similar experience on Windows?

10 Ways to Fix Computer Keeps Restarting

10 Ways to Fix Computer Keeps Restarting

The computer keeps restarting can be very frustrating since it can destroy your workflow. Sudden restart can also result in loss of data, unsaved work, and application failure. In this guide, we would discuss ways to fix it.