13 Tools to Stress Test CPU

CPU Stress Test

CPU Stress Testing is used to validate the highest limit of your computer, device, program, or network. This is accomplished by putting it under immense load. Here is a list of 13 Tools to stress CPU and test its performance.

10 Time Saving Windows 10 Tips

save time

With such a complex piece of software, it is easy to forget just how many productivity enhancing features Microsoft has packed in Windows 10. Work faster and smarter with or selection of these 10 time saving Windows 10 tips.

PowerToys for Windows 10 – FancyZone Tile Manager

PowerToys for Windows 10

Powertoys is Microsoft’s latest project that seeks to add some juice and flair to the Windows Desktop Experience. It ships with a suite of nifty utilities tailored to enhance productivity and spice up the desktop user experience for Windows 10 users. The release includes FancyZones, a swanky  Windows tiling manager and its shortcut key guide.

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