Another Microsoft Executive Explains The Deal With Windows 9

Tony Prophet Microsoft

The answer remains the same, in case you’re wondering. Another high ranking Microsoft official has explained why Windows 9 was not chosen as the name of the next version of the OS. And just like the CEO said last week, the answer this time was that it simply came and went. The decision to skip … Read more

Here Are The Top Most Requested Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 Top Requests

Microsoft bills Windows 10 as the largest ever open collaborative development effort, and it is easy to see why. Windows 10 features will only be finalized after user feedback is taken into account. At least, that’s the plan. Even the recently released preview build of the operating system asks for user feedback every step of … Read more

Intel, AMD Going All In With Windows 10 Tablets

AMD Intel Logo

Tablets still are an unconquered domain for Microsoft, and the plan is for Windows 10 tablets to take things to another level in terms of both performance and pricing. Intel and AMD, the two chip giants, are two central figures for this plan to succeed. Both companies continue to push their tablet oriented solutions, even … Read more

Microsoft Going With A Flat Look For Windows 10 Icons

Windows 10 Icons

Oh, the irony. If you were in the camp that wanted a refresh of the Windows 10 icons, then boy, are you in for a sweet surprise. Icons on Windows have been rather flat these past few versions. Which is to say that not much changed in terms of design. Windows 10 however looks like … Read more

Windows 10 Technical Preview Expires On April 15, 2015

Windows 10 Technical Preview Expiry

No one lives forever. Certainly not early builds of operating systems. Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview earlier today, and it is now available for users to download. Available for users to download and install on their systems. Although it is nowhere near feature complete, or a true indication of what Windows 10 will … Read more

Direct Links For Windows 10 ISO Download

Windows 10 ISO Download

Got into Microsoft’s new Insider Program? Already installed Windows 10 preview? If not, then here are direct links to Windows 10 ISO download. You can follow the instructions here on this page to grab your copy. We’ve also put together an informative little video that walks you through the process of installing the Windows 10 … Read more

Windows 10 System Requirements

Windows 10 System Requirements

Curious about the Windows 10 system requirements? Wondering whether Microsoft has amped up the specifications for you to be able to install the upcoming operating system? Well, happy to report that the Windows 10 system requirement are the same. Same as Windows 8, that is. Which means that if you can run the current version … Read more