Installing Build 9888 Still Keeps You In The Insider Circle

Windows 10 Feedback Smileys

The Windows Insider program is all about circles and rings. There are slow rings and fast rings, those inside them and those outside. Build 9888 was leaked earlier this week. And seemingly, several people downloaded and installed it to see what it brings. But installing this leaked version does present a few conundrums of its … Read more

Another Windows 10 Patch Tries To Fix Internet Explorer Issue

Windows 10 Patch Internet Explorer

Brace for another patch Windows 10 users. Microsoft has released another patch for Windows 10 build 9879, this time addressing another issue that is plaguing Internet Explorer. A bug that causes the web browser to frequently crash. This is one of the more frequent complaints that users running the preview build of the operating system … Read more

Windows Phone 10 Spotted In Online Logs, Being Tested

Windows Phone Logo

Redmond is apparently testing a new flavor of its mobile OS, with reports that an early Windows Phone 10 build is currently being tested. In fact, it may well be the first such build. Windows Phone 10, which some simply known as the next version of Windows Phone, is on track to ship in the … Read more

Windows 10 Build 9888 Leaks Out, Download Available

Windows 10 Logo Blue

Microsoft may have promised not to update the Technical Preview until early 2015, but Windows 10 build 9888 leaks are now available in places where they are usually available. Which is to say, file sharing websites. If you know where to look, you can give this particular build of the upcoming OS a whirl. Since … Read more

No New Windows 10 Preview Versions Until January

Windows 10 Year 2015

Good old Gabriel Aul revealed some new information about Windows 10 Preview in a recent email. The head of the Windows Insider program directly got in touch with testers. Explaining that the next preview version of the operating system in development will only be here next year, and why no other updates would be released … Read more

Windows 10 Build 9879 Slow Ring Release Delayed

Windows 10 Logo Red

Delays, delays. Even the best development efforts face them. If you were holding out for Windows 10 build 9879 to become available to the slow ring, then you have news. Originally planned for release this week, possibly planned that is, it apparently needs some more time. Some more time to fix up some additional issues … Read more

Windows 10 Confirmed For All Windows Phone 8 Lumia Sets

Windows 10 Lumia Sets

Well, that’s a relief. The Windows Phone 8 ecosystem, this side of Lumia, is in a rather sorry state of affairs with carriers and manufacturers taking their time to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1. Not to mention the updates to have since been released for the mobile OS. Luckily, Microsoft took to their official Twitter … Read more

Microsoft Listens, Promises Windows 10 ISO Downloads

Windows 10 ISO Download

Well, what good is seeking user feedback if you don’t plan on acting on it? Luckily, Microsoft is. The Windows 10 ISO downloads issue has been a concern for a lot of users. Particularly those that want a quick and easy download, a torrent grab, or you know, want to install the newest versions of … Read more

Windows 10 Build 9879 Released, Download Now

Windows 10 System Requirements

Finally! A fresh new version of Microsoft’s in development operating system is here with us. You can now download Windows 10 build 9879 and take it for a test drive. That is if you are into testing and driving OS preview builds. This is the same version that was teased by the company a little … Read more

Windows 10 Gets Four New Patches This Tuesday

Windows 10 Patches

The second Tuesday of a new month is upon us, and with it Update Tuesday. Windows 10 gets in on the action this time around, with four new patches planned for the Technical Preview. In total 16 patches are in line for arrival, 5 of them marked as Critical. Microsoft detailed them in this month’s … Read more