Fix Windows 10 Freezes Randomly

windows 10 freezes

Random freezes are the just worst. Windows freezing up is truly a shocking feeling. Not knowing what the actual cause of their PC freezing is enough to drive even anyone nuts. Let’s put this problem under the microscope, and see what fixes we have on the table.

How to Backup Your Emails

Email Backup

Backing up your messages means that you will have always have a copy of them whenever you need them. This is doubly important for power users and professional. Learn to back up your emails and never lose access to important messages with this guide.

How to Check the Health of Your PC

PC Health Check

Most of us have been frustrated by the lethargic performance of our PCs, one time or another. If you feel your PC could do with a little checkup, then breathe new life into it with our guide to fixing, cleaning and tweaking your system for optimum performance.

Best Password Managers for Windows

Password Managers Windows-10

Security experts always recommend us to use a strong and unique password for all our websites, computers and mobile devices. Let’s take a look at the best password managers that are available for Windows, along with a detailed review of each one.

10 Best Software Updaters

Best Software Updater

Software programs generally notifies when Update is available but what if you miss one or find downloading it too much of effort? Best Software Updaters lets you do it everything automatically whenever there is an update available.