How to Use KMSpico and Download Safely

KMSpico Official Guide Download and How to Use

KMSpico is an online tool that is used for activating the Windows 10 operating system for free. It basically exploits the KMS Technology of Microsoft. KMSpico replaces the current key with the volume license key and activates the Windows OS.

What’s new in Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2?

What's new in Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2

The second feature update of the year, Windows 10 October 2020, was recently rolled-out by Microsoft. Unlike Windows 10 2004, there are no significant upgrades, but still, you will find some notable tweaks, bugs removal, and performance enhancement.

Top 3 Free OST File Viewers

OST Viewers

OST File viewers will allow you to open, view, and read damaged and good OST files. They also help you to check out your data in OST formats. These data may include emails or tasks, etc.

How to Force Delete File/Folder in Windows 10?

Force Delete Folder in Windows 10

Some files or folders are stubborn. Whatever you do, how many times you do, they won’t get deleted. We are presenting two simple methods by which you can easily force delete the files and folders used by an application.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Store on Windows 10?

If you are facing troubles in downloading the apps from the store. Here’s a tutorial on how to reinstall Microsoft store on Windows 10 after uninstalling it accidentally. It should fix most common problems and start afresh.

6 Ways to “Always on Top” Windows 10 Apps

always on top windows 10

Windows 10 does not provide an official way to pin an application on top of others. However, many third-party applications can perform that task for you. We have created a list of applications that have been tested to work accurately on Windows 10 systems.

6 Bass Booster for Windows 10

bass speaker

Bass mostly depends on the headphones, earphones or the speakers you are using. Though there are some software for Windows 10 devices through which you can tweak the bass settings and enhance your music experience. These tools will let you set the bass according to your taste. Let us talk about them.

5 Mac Themes for Windows 10 with look-alike Skins

Mac Themes for Windows 10

Though Windows 10 default theme is excellent, many users love giving their OS a different look with new themes and skins. Besides, not only does a theme change your computer’s visual interface, but it also improves your user experience.