9 Ways to Fix Inaccessible Boot Device on Windows 10

9 Ways to Fix inaccessible boot device on Windows 10

Windows 10 users often encounter an error screen on their system that tells them that their PC has developed a problem and needs to be restarted. This error screen is generally known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).In this guide, we would discuss how to fix it on Windows 10.

Computer randomly Turns off Windows 10 – What to do?

Computer randomly Turns off Windows 10

Every Windows user might have experienced the sudden restart or shutdown of computer due to various reasons like update installation, system crash, etc. In this guide, we would discuss some major reasons behind it and suggest fixes.

Use Android Phone as Webcam on Windows 10

Use Android Phone as Webcam on Windows 10

If you have an android phone with an average camera, you don’t require to buy an external webcam. Your phone is sufficient and, in fact, a better alternative to a webcam. In this guide, we would walk through some ways to know how to use an android phone as a webcam and convert an android phone into your home security camera.

Is Microsoft Killing Control Panel?

Is Microsoft Planning to Kill Control Panel

After the recent developments in Windows 10 20H2, some reports suggest Microsoft is planning to slowly phase out the Control Panel from the Windows 10 operating system and shift all settings to the Windows Settings app. Let us try to analyze whether Microsoft is really planning to get rid of Control Panel from Windows 10, or the people are just over suspicious.

Where are Chrome Bookmarks stored?

Where are Chrome Bookmarks stored

If you are confused about where does Chrome store bookmarks? Here’s answer to find Chrome bookmarks storage folder location. It is not straightforward but we’ll find out.