All The Big New Features Coming To Windows 10 Creators Update

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, what an event! Microsoft officially unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update today, at a gathering where most people were expecting just a Surface AIO PC.

And a few other accessories.

Of course, since this is the upgrade previously known as Redstone 2, Redmond was expected to touch up on and talk about it. But the company delivered a power packed event that comprehensively covered all its hardware and software plans for Windows 10 for the near and upcoming future.


The new Surface Studio AIO PC, or hybrid, what have you, may have been the highlight of the show, but there were a lot of other areas that also received the spotlight.


3D For Everyone

While Google may be going the Artificial Intelligence route, Microsoft seems to be focusing on creativity in the coming months. And this is both a little different and a little unexpected. But as the software titan said, it wants Windows 10 to be a home for virtual and augmented reality, but also 3D.

The company calls this the 2D to 3D journey.

And as part of this transition, Redmond has announced a new 3D Paint app, while also promising to implement 3D creation and editing tools across its popular applications in the coming year, like Word and PowerPoint, and more.


Easier Gaming Broadcasting,

The Windows 10 Creators Update will make it easy for users to broadcast what they are playing. They will be able to watch broadcasts from other gamers, or live stream their own. The company’s game streaming service, Beam, is built right into the operating system.

Allowing for a painless and easy process to create and access gaming streams.


People At The Center Of Windows

Or taskbar, rather. Microsoft is putting your favorite people straight in your taskbar, allowing you to connect with them in a much more streamlined way. The messages from these people will pop up on your desktop, and you will be able to contact these people right from there too.

You will also have the option of pinning the faces of these people, their profiles, and send them messages, emails and more. You will be able to send text messages from Windows and Android phones.

Files can also be dragged and dropped to these icons for super quick sharing.

And finally, these connected users will also be able to send you pokes and nudges with emoji and emoticons that will appear right on your desktop.


New VR Headsets

The technology giant also revealed that it is help partners like HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer to bring new virtual reality headsets that will be compatible with Windows 10, and hit the market at affordable starting points, like $299.

Microsoft is branding them as Creator Update accessories, meaning those that want to truly experience their 3D creations can buy a headset from any of these companies.


Ready to see these new features in action? Microsoft also published this neat little video that serves as an introduction to the Windows 10 Creators Update:


On top of all these big features, there are several smaller ones like bringing Windows Holographic Shell to Windows 10 next year, along with Blue Light Reduction that will work like the Night Mode on the smartphones.

Speaking of which, there are several handy additions to Continuum for phones, with multiwindow support and better desktop experience on smaller screens.

All things considered, this is shaping up to be a rather excellent update to the Windows 10 operating system, with several new features large and small. That’s without even talking about the refinements and polish that Microsoft will add to the OS.

Your thoughts on all these changes? Let us know!

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