5 Best Task Automation and Macro Recording Software

Task automation and macro recording tools are widely underutilized. Most people assume that it is only for advanced users only. Moreover, users and businesses waste a lot of time and money on repetitive tasks.

Using task automation tool can save you a significant amount of time even if you're not running a business. The tools will help you create an efficient business. Here are five best task automation and macro recording software.

Top 5 Task Automation Software



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Win Automation

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Pulover's Macro Creator

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Macro Express

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Number #1 - TinyTask

TinyTask is the smallest task automation tool in both size and interface. It is a free experimental application from Vista Software. Also, the company offers the more feature-rich vTask Studio.

TinyTask only has six buttons: open, save, record, play, compile, and options. It is powerful even in its 33KB size. The program efficiently records your actions and repeat it. It can handle elaborate sequences without any issues.

You also have the option to save your recorded macros to be played later. It is possible to keep your macros as a separate executable file. TinyTask allows you to adjust the playback speed as well.

TinyTask is perfect for users who do not want to mess around with scripts and editors. Its simple interface means anyone can use it. Lastly, its small resource footprint is perfect for any computer.

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Number #2 - WinAutomation

WinAutomation is one of the most potent automation and macro recording tool around. It automates desktop and web tasks easily. You can also customize macros using its Software Robots.

The application efficiently records your desktop actions and web tasks. It can handle elaborate functions in your files and folders. Furthermore, you can even automate activities in Excel, email application, and FTP connections.

WinAutomation offers job editor to control your macros fully. There is a slight learning curve, but the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to learn. Learning the ins-and-outs of the application will give you detailed control of all features.

Number #3 - AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey differs from most automation tools. It focuses on its custom scripting language to set-up automatic actions. It is free and open-source as well.

The scripts can be used to open programs and documents. You can also control mouse movements and clicks and keystrokes as well. Moreover, it has variables, loops, and a variety of functions just like other scripting languages. It is beneficial to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, online games, forms, and emails.

AutoHotKey is ideal for users who are comfortable learning the custom script. It is suitable for programmers and developers who are more comfortable with scripting languages. However, you should not be intimidated to learn the coding as it has extensive documentation.

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Number #4 - Pulover's Macro Creator

Pulover's Macro Creator considers itself as a full-featured automation tool. All features are available for free. It works on AutoHotKey scripting language. However, it offers a robust user interface which means it is not required to learn the custom script.

The interface is intimidating at first because of the number of options presented. But, the extensive documentation and tutorials will get you started right away. You can easily record keystrokes and mouse movements. It can assign hotkeys to specific macros for fast activation.

This tool offers the customizability that AutoHotKeys have through the scripting editor. Also, you can set-up projects with multiple macros for clear organization. The amount of features available makes it one of the best free solutions.

Number #5 - Macro Express

Macro Express is an automation and macro recording tool which offers flexibility and range. It can automate most actions on your computer. The application can even handle system and hardware control such as opening the disc drive, controlling a program, and also changing the wallpaper.

Its interface is not intimidating to first-time users. You can easily record and execute macros right away. Macro Express can record mouse clicks, keystrokes, interact with menus, and schedule Windows tasks.

Additionally, it is perfect for advanced users, too. It features Script Editor and Direct Editor tools. This option opens more fine control of automation. It is ideal for general and all around use.

Some Runner-Ups

Some applications are fantastic options as well. The apps below are perfect for specific needs. Below are some programs you may also consider.

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a perfect tool for beginners. TinyTask only beats it in size and simplicity. The macro recording software efficiently records mouse actions and clicks. It can monitor keyboard inputs as well. It plays the activities efficiently and accurately.

The best feature is its small size and portability. Mini Mouse Macro works right out of the box without the need for installation. Also, you can save it to a flash drive and run it on different computers. It does not leave any traces on your computer once you remove it.

EasyClick Macros

EasyClicks Macros is another runner-up that you may find useful. It does not have extensive features like the rest of the applications in this list. However, it has essential functions that the app does it very well. You will see a clear and straightforward interface. That means you can easily control macros and their execution.

It records most mouse and keyboard actions. Additionally, you can assign a hotkey to each macro. EasyClicks executes macros just by hitting a few keys. It also offers scripting code for some flexibility.

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation can do what the other automation tools on this list. Its interface is clean and straightforward. You can use it as a scheduler and a program launcher. It also records mouse actions and keystrokes from the keyboard. Perfect Automation is available as an executable program and a portable application.

Its interface is suitable for beginners as everything is a click away. On the other hand, advanced users can take advantage of the powerful script editor. The custom script allows great flexibility, too. Unfortunately, the last update for the application was in 2011. It works well in Windows 7, but it may show some quirks in Windows 10.

Final Thoughts

The technology today is capable enough to assist you with most of your tasks. Working smart is better than working hard. Consequently, you can spend time on more important things if you automate repetitive tasks. Automation tools and macro recording software can efficiently simplify your workflow.

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