5 Best Speech to Text Software for Windows 10

Mobile technology is steadily moving towards a hands-free operation. Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana have dominated the portable assistant market. Consequently, the development of Windows 10 saw the improvement of such technologies in the operating system.

The trend is becoming more popular with users these days. Using your voice to dictate texts and control your device is more efficient, comfortable, and natural.

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Interacting with the computer using voice requires a sophisticated application. Here are the five best speech to text software.

5 Best Speech to Text Software

NameBest ForRatingDownloadReview
LilySpeechLightweight Application★★★★★
Braina ProMulti – Functional★★★★★
Dragon Naturally SpeakingProfessionals★★★★☆
Google DocsBest Cloud Application★★★★☆
Windows Speech to TextBest Ease of Ease★★★★☆

In the past, the use of speech to text was regular by transcribing professionals. Thus, they were pricey. Nowadays, prices are much more affordable as users began using the technology for casual functions.

Payment options are becoming easier as well. Some are available for a monthly subscription. Others you can pay annually.

1. LilySpeech

LilySpeech is a lightweight speech to text application. It works on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. It boasts 99.5 percent accuracy. Additionally, it can recognize custom words which can be names, businesses, and industry-specific words. It also offers canned answers to emails and forms. LilySpeech supports 24 languages including French, Italian, and Spanish.


LilySpeech leverages cloud technology. The application uses Google Chrome’s Web Speech API functionality. Your settings, custom words, and canned answers are in the clouds. It allows you to use LilySpeech across different computers. Which means you’ll have a seamless experience even if you’re using multiple computers.

Because it uses Google Chrome’s Web Speech API, you need to install Google Chrome on your system. It is not a problem for Chrome users. But, others may not want to download another browser. Moreover, you need to be connected to the Internet while using the application.

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2. Braina Pro

Braina Pro is the paid version of the Braina application. It is a multi-functional artificial intelligence software. The app aims to go beyond the speech to text function. It provides control to your computer in a single window.

Braina Pro

Braina Pro can take dictations, search the Internet, play the songs and videos on your computer, and search your files. It can even set alarms and reminders. Furthermore, Braina Pro can perform mathematical calculations, read ebooks, and remember your notes. It aims to be an all-around assistant in your operating system.

Braina Lite is available with limited features. Braina Pro is $59 for a year subscription. It includes a speech to text function in 40 languages. You can use it in any software or website. There’s also a Braina Pro Lifetime which costs $299.

3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is one of the most popular names among speech to text applications. It can capture speech with 99% accuracy. The app allows you to create and edit documents three times faster than typing. You can also use it to send emails and surf the web.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

It can open programs on your computer using voice commands. Dragon NaturallySpeaking can also analyze audio files and turn them into text. You can also use the application offline in the Professional version.

The primary application, Dragon Home, is $99 for one computer. There are other versions tailor-fit for specific needs such as Dragon Legal and Dragon Law Enforcement. You can also use Dragon Anywhere on your mobile.

Free Options

There are free options available if you want to try out speech to text technology. They are perfect for casual use. Being free does not mean low quality as the options below are some of the best performing applications. Follow the steps below to use readily available speech to text programs.

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4. Google Docs

Somewhere in Google Docs hides a robust speech recognition function. Google Docs Voice Typing is one of the most accessible options around. Its technology is same as in Google Assistant, Google Home, and other Google products. It is especially useful if you are already a Google Drive user.

First, log-in to your Google account. Then head over to Google Drive. Create a new document by clicking New, then selecting Google Docs from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can go directly to Google Docs.

Google Docs

Click Tools, then choose Voice Typing from the drop-down menu. You can also activate Voice Typing by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard.

Google Docs Step 1

A tiny microphone dialog should appear. Click the mic logo and begin speaking clearly.

Google Docs Step 2

Google’s speech to text dictation technology now recognizes 119 languages. You can even select the localization of some words. It will realize local accents and vocabularies. Google Voice Typing needs continuous access to the Internet. The quality of the dictation depends on your microphone and your speech.

5. Windows Speech to Text

Windows 10 has its speech to text functions. It is an improvement from its earlier versions. You can dictate documents, email, and notes. Also, you can control your computer using voice commands. It works seamlessly, especially with Microsoft products.

Setting-up Speech Recognition is easy. Click Search then type Speech Recognition.

Windows Speech to Text 1

Plug your microphone. It is recommended to use a headset microphone for more precise sounds.

Windows Speech to Text 2

Click Set up the microphone and follow the set-up wizard.

Windows Speech to Text 3

Click Start Speech Recognition when you are ready to use voice dictation and commands.

Few Extra Tips

The quality and type of hardware significantly affect the accuracy of the results. As suggested, it is best to use a headset as the microphone sits comfortably near your mouth. You can use a desktop microphone, but it is more likely to catch background noise.

Furthermore, some microphone offers noise-canceling options. It reduces ambient sound making it easy for the program to catch your voice.

The Internet connection can also affect the performance of the application. Some of the software on this list requires a constant Internet connection.

You also have to speak openly. Accents differ in various locations, but the software should be able to recognize clear syllables. Additionally, talking in complete sentences during dictation can also help speech recognition.

Final Thoughts

Speech to text technology can significantly speed up with the workflow. Speaking is faster than typing. Also, it is easier to take note of your ideas. Sometimes, your train of thought is more rapid than your fingers. Using speech to text application allows you to jot down ideas rapidly.

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