10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

You’d have to think hard to name a better alternative for SnagIt. This laser-focused screen capturing program has lots of features that let you capture, annotate, and edit anything that on your screen. It even supports video now.

But that is not to imply that competition is nonexistent.

Quite the contrary.

There are several other tools, both free and paid, that are similar to SnagIt, and offer a robust screen capturing experience.

Many of them are ideal for simple snipping of the windows and sections on your screen, while others are entirely featured screen recording programs that double up for screenshot duty.

10 Best SnagIt Alternatives

SnagIt is known both for its extensive feature set and ease of use — two areas that have made the program accessible among content creators. However, the surprising thing here is that many of these alternatives stand tall when you compare them to SnagIt regarding features, and many do it for free.

Let’s take a look at the selection.



Best for






Power Users



Capture & Editing



Experienced Users



Daily Use


Screenshot Captor

Advanced Capturing


Snipping Tool

First Time Users



Graphic Designers



Capture & Record


FastStone Capture

Record & Voice Over



High End Users

1. PicPick | Free / Paid ($24)

Need to take a screen capture of a specific area or window? PicPick is well and truly up to the task. This delightfully designed program enables you to take screenshots of your entire screen, a fixed region, freehand, or even a scrolling window. And the included graphics tools are a sheer joy to work!

PicPick - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

The developers have added a range of editing tools as well that allow you to add elements like text, arrows, shapes, and other objects, using a Ribbon menu. There are tons of inbuilt sharing features in the program, including web and email, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Dropbox and Google Drive.

PicPick comes with a clean and familiar UI, with well thought out placement of icons and elements. Most people will have no trouble getting up and running with this program. The range of available effects that can be applied could be a tad better, but overall there is a lot to like here.



  • Lightning fast
  • Downright excellent design
  • Plenty of features
  • Top notch sharing and editing tools
  • Could do with a few more effects

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2. ShareX | Free

Another free and open source program, with a familiarly simple interface, ShareX does it all. All the features and options are neatly tucked away on the left. And unlike traditional methods of taking screenshots, the app uses different frames to capture the data.

ShareX - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

You get frames for full screen capturing, window capturing, and frames of different shapes and sizes. And speaking of different, captured images can be saved in any of the 40 various formats. It also does some neat little screen recording, and there is even support for creating animated GIFs directly.

ShareX also packs in an editor that does quick work of correcting any issues and adding watermarks and highlights. Easy to follow, and excellent at whatever it does, ShareX is a program that you should have installed at all times if you take regular screenshots of your screen.



  • Lightweight
  • Can capture different shapes and sizes
  • Dizzying array of options
  • Supports wide range of file formats
  • Screen video recording
  • Somewhat steep learning curve

3. Greenshot | Free

One look at Greenshot, and you can tell that its design is elegant for Windows users that allows them to take screenshots of their computer screen. Lightweight, free, and open source, this application offers you a familiar interface and a relatively comprehensive set of features.

GreenShot - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

It can capture, any region of the screen that you specify, or even a full window. As for its image editing capabilities, you get the ability to put text annotations. Greenshot can also quickly and easily highlight a specific area on the screen, which makes it an excellent tool to have if you are creating learning material.

This free program can save screenshots as files, or email them. It even includes OCR functionality, which comes in very useful when capturing text. A small learning curve seals the deal on this feature rich program that will have most users up and running with it in minutes.



  • Open source
  • OCR functionality
  • Sends capture data directly to other programs
  • UI a little finicky

4. LightShot | Free

High on the list for most people, LightShot is one of the most useful free programs out there for taking screenshots. Installation is light and snappy, as is the UI of this application. Back it up by some superbly realized features, and you are cooking with gas!

LightShot - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

You can quickly take a screenshot by hitting the Prnt Scr key on your keyboard, but setting up a different shortcut is possible. Likewise, you can customize the output of LightShot, like whether you want the cursor included in your screenshot or the file format for the captured image.

The developer even offers browser extensions for the program, and the ability to do a reverse image search. The included editor is power packed, and LightShot also provides several options to share your image on the Internet, along with one-click uploading. Free rarely gets better than this.



  • Multiplatform, with browser integration
  • Plenty of customization
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Reverse image search
  • Interface takes a little getting used to

5. Screenshot Captor | Free

Content creators have much to like in Screenshot Captor, a fully featured application that is suitable for any and all kind of screenshot capture, manipulation, annotation, and sharing. It can also record video, and take snapshots from your webcam.

ScreenShot Captor - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

The UI of this program is decade old, but Screenshot Captor is jam-packed with advanced features, many of which are unique. You get a ton of options when capturing the image, and a ton of options when you take the screenshot, including the ability to save, share, and print.

But where this app shines is in its manipulation feature. There are tools to splice your screenshots, add edge effects, watermark them, and create thumbnails. A dizzying amount of options are available here, making this program an ideal candidate for professional use.



  • Tons of options
  • Screen and video capture
  • Several unique features
  • UI a little old

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6. Snipping Tool | Windows Built In 

Can’t expect Microsoft to be left behind here! The company has packed in an application in Windows called Snipping Tool, which is its try at this a screen capture utility. And though it does not come close to offering the feature set of more advanced programs, the Snipping Tool is good enough.

Snapping Tool - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

Good enough for essential uses like taking screenshots of the desktop screen, in multiple ways. Microsoft even added a new option in Windows 10 that allows you to set a delay time to take a screenshot, anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds, which indeed comes in handy.

All said and done; this is still one of the most straightforward options available to you without downloading anything else. Snipping Tool may lack the editing and annotation capabilities that even the free tools on this list offer, but its familiar interface, and a selection of convenient options make it is very much usable.



  • Comes with Windows
  • Snappy usage
  • Simple and to the point screen captures
  • Lacks advanced options

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7. MWSnap | Free

Let’s start with an old-school classic. MWSnap may seem like a program from the 90s, but if all you want is an essential utility to capture screenshots, then it does the job and does it well. It can capture whatever is on your screen, including all open programs and windows.

MWSnap - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

The developer has baked in several useful features into this application. You get five snapping modes, support for all the popular image formats, hotkeys, copy and paste to the clipboard, automatic saving, a picture viewer, and even printing.

As for the user interface, this is where things get interesting. It’s functional, not flashy. It offers a whole bunch of graphic design tools like color picker, zoom, and ruler. These features make MWSnap as much a graphic design companion program as a screen capture application. And that’s not bad, at all.



  • More suited for graphic designers
  • Multiple snapping modes
  • Easy to set hotkeys
  • Ancient UI

8. Jing | Free

Jing is about as simple as it gets when it comes to capturing and recording what is on your screen. This multiplatform application is from the developers of SnagIt and is available on both Windows and macOS. Its most significant strength lies in just how easy it makes the whole process.

Jing - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

You can capture images from your screen in seconds, and then edit them all up using the various tools available. Adding comments, colors, and multiple shapes is as simple as taking a screenshot. And you can even share the stuff you have captured on the web by creating a link to the captured image.

Where it stumbles, however, is in its screen recording capability, which is barebones. There are practically no tools to edit or enhance the video. But if image capture is what you are after, then you can’t go wrong with Jing, unless you are running Windows 10.



  • Simple tool for simple tasks
  • Minimalistic user interface
  • Can record videos
  • Limited to older versions of Windows

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9. FastStone Capture | Paid ($19)

A lightweight screen capture and screen video recording program, FastStone Capture lets you quickly capture what is on the screen, and then add text annotations to your screenshots. You can save files in a variety of formats, ranging from BMP, GIF, JPEG, to PNG, TIFF, and even PDF.

FastStone Capture - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

Like all good screen capture programs, FastStone Capture supports hotkeys. Quick access to its editing tools is also provided, allowing you to crop, rotate, brighten, and sharpen the colors of your images, along with adding captions to the screenshots.

As for its screen video recording capabilities, the program can record screen activities, and also let you do voice-overs by capturing sound from your microphone. The only downside is that FastStone Capture is not 100% free. You only get a trial period of one month and need to buy to continue using it.



  • Can capture in different shapes and sizes
  • Good selection of editing tools
  • Old UI
  • Requires a license

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10. WinSnap | Paid ($29)

There are good programs, and then there are brilliant ones. WinSnap falls in the latter category, thanks in no small part to the developer who designed it with care and attention to detail. It can capture screenshots, particularly of windows that have effects like transparency and shadows applied.

WinSnap - 10 Best Alternatives for SnagIt

The user interface of the main program is cozy and lists all the tools on the right side for convenient access. And the image editing capabilities of WinSnap are good enough that you will not need a dedicated program to modify your screenshots or add notes.

Plenty of presents are part of the package too, along with effects like blur and shadows. And WinSnap can also capture multiple objects and regions, including menus with ease. Regularly updated, and rich in features, WinSnap sits atop the mountain alongside the best screen capture programs for Windows.



  • Cozy interface
  • Neat editing options
  • Can capture objects and regions
  • Slightly expensive

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  1. Ashampoo Snap is worth looking at – has a number of capture options, allows for in-app editing, and has a very good Resize function.

  2. Hello Shawn, thanks for all the great info to do with Windows 10, I always pass it on, to our small, but enthusiastic “oldie computer group.” Regards Ken D.

  3. No mention of IrfanView? http://www.irfanview.com/ Been using this since Windows 98 and I don’t even use all the features available for a powerful freeware product. Works great in Windows 10 pro. I use it for my Customer Support all the time for full and partial Window capture for explanations to Customers, highlights of areas on screen with non-fill red boxes and some text notes on screen with nice arrows for pointing at key features.

  4. Allavsoft’s record function is totally free. It also helps to directly download online video and music by copy and paste the video or music url.


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