8 Best Screen Sharing Software

Remotely working has become an efficient option nowadays. Teams have the opportunity to meet online. Sharing information over the Internet has never been this easy. One of the most common tools used today is a remote access software or remote control software.

Remote control software is useful in different situations. You can help a friend troubleshoot his computer problems. Or you can manage an entire office across the globe. It is commonly used for meetings and conferences as well.

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8 Best Screen Sharing Apps-

The ability to share-screen and control a computer remotely is an indispensable tool for anyone. Here, we list the eight best screen sharing applications to control remotely.

Top 8 Screen Sharing Apps for Windows 10



Best for





Professional Use




Chrome Remote Desktop

Regular Use





Secured Use





Portable Use










Low Configure PCs









Remote Utilities



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1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a classic name among remote control software. It is one of the feature-rich applications around. Best of all, TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use. It is available in most operating systems. Additionally, mobile apps are also available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Installation is quick and easy. You do not need to configure your router to use TeamViewer. It runs in Safe Mode as well. Updates are painless, too. TeamViewer also runs as a portable application.


You can seamlessly share-screen and allow remote access. Computers can easily share files such as text, images, screenshots, and folders. It can also transfer through online storage services like Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

You can download any of the two versions of TeamViewer: the All-in-One program or the QuickSupport version. Both pack a lot of features in them. All-in-One is the full version of TeamViewer. You can manage multiple computers. QuickSupport is best for one-on-one connection. Both versions work with each other.

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most accessible remote access software to use. It runs on any computer that can install Google Chrome. It exists as an extension of the browser. All activities are viewable in the browser as well. It is also free.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop supports multiple monitors. You can also share files during your session. Additionally, full-screen mode is also available.

There are two ways to use Chrome Remote Desktop: spontaneous support and unattended access. Spontaneous support allows one-time screen share and remote access. Each session is temporary. On the other hand, unsupervised access is for continuous access. It is best for monitoring your computer.

3. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC offers a well-balanced experience in ease-of-use, features, and security. Installation is easy and quick. Most of the actions are in the web browser. You only need to install a small launcher application.


It doesn’t offer a free version, but GoToMyPC has a personal version at $12 per month. You can try the remote access application on its free seven-day trial.

For the price, you get a clean, straight-forward interface. You can quickly add multiple machines using their unique access codes. It allows secure file transfer, chats messaging, and remote printing. GoToMyPC also has one of the safest connections. By going through the servers, you do not have the constant need for passwords.

4. AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is an entirely free remote access application. It is even open for commercial use. At 2MB, it is one of the lightest among the remote access software. You can also run it as a portable application. It does not need any installation and works right away.


AeroAdmin is perfect for spontaneous support. It’s easy to download and run. You can easily transfer files between accessed computers. It adjusts to the best speed and quality. AeroAdmin also supports clipboard syncing.

It does lack a few features such as chat or remote printing. But, it is perfect when you need to have remote access right away. You have full control of its screen sharing, keyboard and mouse control, and service syncing.

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5. RemotePC

RemotePC is another free remote access program. It is available on Windows operating system and MacOS. You can also download mobile versions for Android or iOS.


It provides a few features that other free remote access applications do not. RemotePC offer chats messaging, efficient file transfer, and support for multiple windows. It can also listen to the sounds caught by the remote PC.

Additionally, you can print over the network. It runs on a browser which ensures a smooth experience. Also, you can record sessions to an AVI file. However, RemotePC only allows one remote machine on your account.

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6. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is also a free remote access application. It packs incredible features just like most of the free remote access application in this list. It is available in Windows operating systems, MacOS, and even Linux. AnyDesk runs as both installed software and portable form. It is most likely the lightest remote access software clocking in at barely 1MB.


AnyDesk has a condensed interface yet feature-rich. It ensures an uncluttered experience by hiding the advanced options. AnyDesk automatically adjusts for best video quality and speed.

AnyDesk supports unattended access. It transmits sounds, syncs the clipboard, and transfers files efficiently. The application also allows keyboard shortcuts across remote machines. Interestingly, two computers can switch controls.

7. ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC is an open source remote control application. Its installation is straightforward with little fuss. You are supposed to download an administrator application and a client version. It is perfect for troubleshooting, presentations, and collaborations.


The remote application allows easy control and management of the remote machine. You can print files from one computer to another. Additionally, it features “Reconnect on Reboot” which makes it perfect for troubleshooting.

Moreover, the broadcasting feature is used to conduct presentations, showcases, and training. It records sessions into video files for smooth playback.

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8. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is considered one of the most flexible remote access software. It has a unique approach to remote access to different machines. It is available on Windows operating systems and mobile devices (both Android and iOS). Unfortunately, it does not support MacOS, yet.

Remote Utilities

You have to install a Host software which is on the computer being controlled or viewed. On the other hand, you need the Viewer program to access the host computers remotely. Configuration is slightly confusing, but there are enough guides.

Remote Utilities have remote tools which are different ways to access host computers. You can take full control or view only. Also, you can choose file transfer which seamlessly delivers files without the need to do remote control. You can even use the command prompt to control the host machine.

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The Windows Remote Desktop Connection

The Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a viable option for remote access. It is built-in on Windows 10 which means no installation needed. The remote experience is smooth and seamless. The connection is responsive and fast.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

However, setting-up the Windows Remote Desktop can be intimidating. First, it is only available on Windows Pro or above. Your friends who have Windows Home versions will not connect to you. Second, you have to configure your router if you are going outside your network.

Looking up the IP address and login credentials on a machine may be difficult for others. These pieces of information are critical in connecting remotely through the application. Windows Remote Desktop Connection is only ideal for remote access on the local network.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best screen sharing and remote access software depends on your needs. A quick one-on-one troubleshooting with a friend may only require essential features. Meanwhile, a long-term remote support will require several functions. Keep in mind the balance between the available elements and which ones you’ll use.

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