The 5 Best RAM Cleaners for PC: Speed Up Your Computer Today

Your computer is running slow. You’ve tried everything to speed it up, deleting temporary files, uninstalling programs, defragging- but nothing seems to work. The problem might not be with your computer at all; it might be with your RAM. When your RAM is full of unnecessary processes, it can cause your computer to run slowly. That’s where a RAM cleaner comes in. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best RAM cleaners for PC and show you how to use them to speed up your computer!

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What is a RAM Cleaner?

Do you know what the RAM on your computer is used for?

When you open a program or website, it’s stored in your RAM. So if your RAM is full of unnecessary data, it can cause your computer to run slowly. That’s where a RAM cleaner comes in: It clears out the unnecessary data and makes more space for new data. This will allow your computer to run at normal speeds again- somewhat as defragging does for the hard drive on your computer.

Why Should You Use One?

You should use a RAM cleaner for various reasons.

During the normal and proper operation of a computer, temporary files are stored in random access memory (RAM). This is only supposed to happen while that program or window is open. Once you close it, then those temporary files should be deleted by your computer automatically. But if something goes wrong and you turn off your computer without properly closing the programs, files, or windows, then those temporary files are not deleted. This can cause your computer to run slow and eventually crash. A RAM cleaner will free up space in your RAM to prevent this from happening.

Not only that, but the longtime use of a computer will lead to performance degradation where the machine starts taking longer and longer to boot up, programs start crashing, and the overall performance drops. This is called “computer aging” or “hard disk aging.” RAM cleaners can prevent this from happening by freeing up space in your RAM every time you run them.

What to Look for When getting a RAM Cleaner?

When getting a RAM cleaner, you want to find one that has high user ratings, free of charge (preferably), and can be used multiple times.

User Ratings

User ratings are important because you want to find one that works well for most people or is liked by most people. You don’t want to get stuck with a RAM cleaner that doesn’t work well for you or is not liked by anyone.


You don’t want to spend a lot when getting a RAM cleaner because so many offer good service for a lesser price or even free. Free RAM cleaners tend to have more user ratings too, which is an advantage in this case.

Can be Used Multiple Times

You should go for a RAM cleaner that can be used multiple times to free up space in your RAM to speed up your computer. You don’t want one that says it can be used X amount of times and then will not work anymore- you’ll end up having to buy a new subscription.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to get a program that is super hard to use or takes forever to set up. You want something; you can just download and run it once. They should be easy to use so the average person can get good results without having any issues or problems.

Available Support

If you have any problems using the cleaner, be sure to find one with good customer support. This will ensure that you can get help when you need it.

Best RAM Cleaners for Windows PC

Advanced SystemCare Free

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

User Interface10/10

Type: Freemium

Price: $11.95*(On discount)

Advanced SystemCare Free is a comprehensive antivirus and all-in-one computer tweaker that offers thorough PC optimization. It can clean up junk files, speed up your Internet speed, fix registry errors, improve system security, make your PC run smoother & faster by unleashing more hidden performance & resources of your computer, fix Windows errors with a single click, and fix many other PC problems. It also speeds up PC boot & shutdown time by optimizing startup items & services and boosts your app’s start times to help your software run faster with minimal effort from you.

The interface is easy to use, and you can configure all the settings as per your need. Advanced SystemCare also boasts a quick scan option that scans your computer in just two minutes.

Advanced SystemCare comes with both free and paid versions – the latter offering more features, including real-time protection, disk defragmentation tool, system tuneup, etc. The pro version costs $29 one time, which seems like a small price to pay for such an excellent PC optimization program.

Wise Memory Optimizer

Overall Rating: 9/10

User Interface8.5/10

Type: Freemium

Price: $35.34

Wise Memory Optimizer is another useful RAM cleaner for Windows PCs. It’s very easy to use, with an interface that looks like it comes from the Windows XP era.

The software lets you choose between “memory boost” and “system services” optimization options. The former helps in using more than 75% of available RAM to give your computer a much-needed performance boost. The latter automatically defends your PC against malware and other potential threats that may harm the health of your system in the long run. There’s also a “junk files” option that deletes all types of useless data from the hard drives, freeing up more space for better functioning of apps and programs.

Wise Memory Optimizer comes with a free version, but it’s limited to a 3-day trial and lacks several features available in the full edition.

Advanced System Optimizer

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

User Interface8.5/10

Type: Freemium

Price: $69.95

Advanced System Optimizer (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) is another free RAM cleaner. This one has a typical interface with colorful buttons and tabs, making it easy to navigate through the program’s features.

The app scans your computer in seconds to give you an overview of all issues plaguing your system’s health; it also speeds up boot times and makes your PC more responsive and stable. Advanced System Optimizer features a 1-click optimization tool that automatically optimizes your PC for peak performance without requiring any complicated settings or configurations. It also comes with other built-in tools, like an uninstaller, startup supervisor, defragmenter, etc.

Advanced System Optimizer is also available in a paid version that offers more features, including real-time protection from malware, adware, spyware & other threats.


Overall Rating: 9/10

User Interface8/10

Type: Free

Price: Can Donate

RAMRush is a fast and small application that’s designed to optimize your RAM by using a minimum of system resources. It also aims to fix errors in the Windows Registry, remove junk files from your PC, and defragment your hard drive.

RAMRush has a simple user interface with buttons for each main feature along with their functions written under them. The app also features a live RAM meter that displays the RAM usage.

RAMRush’s free version is ad-supported, so you can expect to see ads on your desktop from time to time. However, if you want an ad-free experience, you’ll have to upgrade to its pro version.

Iolo System Mechanic

Overall Rating: 9/10

User Interface8.5/10

Type: Freemium

Price: $39.95

Iolo System Mechanic is a comprehensive PC optimization tool that focuses more on boosting your computer’s performance by cleaning junk files, removing malicious programs, etc. It also comes with an anti-virus protection module that prevents malware infection and provides real-time security against other potential threats.

System Mechanic can defragment your hard drive, fix the Registry, back up your files, and tweak various hidden Windows settings to improve your computer’s performance. You can also choose between three different optimization profiles – “Maximum Performance,” “General Maintenance,” and “Tune-ups”.

Bottom Line

All the programs presented in this list have been used and tested by our team so that you can rely on their reliability. The main difference between them is the way they optimize your system’s performance. Some of them focus on RAM cleaning only; others try to give users a complete PC care package with additional features like Registry defragmentation, hard drive defragmentation, etc.

Are RAM cleaners safe?

If downloaded/purchased from the official sources, RAM cleaners are safe and are like any other application. So always ensure that you download them from trusted websites.

Why add more RAM in Windows?

Adding more RAM to your computer can help it to perform better. With PC cleaner, it is possible to open up more applications at the same time, your functions can be taken forward at the same time.

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  1. This entire article is deceptive at best. “RAM” cleaners, like most “registry cleaners” are crap-ware. I cannot believe you are pushing this. The BEST ram cleaner is a simple RESTART!! As opposed to a shut-down (which on some machines uses a “fast start-up” option, which stores some ram data on a chip located on the motherboard), a restart clears out all ram. If you feel I am mistaken, please explain to me how ram (volatile) can hold data when there is no voltage going to the chips?? I read that some ram doesn’t always clear in time during a restart, but then you can simply run memtest86 which will clear the ram during the test. No need to bog down your PC with questionable bloatware. This article strikes me as nothing more than an ad for the above mentioned software. Most of your articles are spot on, but this one leaves me very disappointed…


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